Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Buderim Bash

Debbie and Janet were selling raffle tickets left and right as folks lined up for a chance to win one of these luscious quilts drawn at our Quilt Show on 12th July. The show runs for 2 days, 11th and 12th. for those of you who would like to visit for a yummy quilting fix.

This young Mum to be wouldn't say no to winning either quilt, but her eye is firmly fixed on the luscious pink quilt hanging across the room, machine embroidered bears and beds, sashed with a pink gingham.

Another hopeful winner with, 'Purple Passion', the green and purple lovely on the wall behind her.
Marguerite was astounded to find a machine doing its own thing, but after a bit we decided that there had to be a little man in there.

And this is the beautiful work being done by the clever little man in the Janome machine
Thread Artist Helen, showing her impressive skills, the hooped Calla Lilly in picture front is also one of Helen's pieces.
Pam modelling her wonderful creation, and showing us her crochet skills.. My fave bit of her vest is the square butterfly on the spiral.
Lyn asking Lois for a tip on fine brush strokes. There is a lovely desert scene in the works on this piece.
Spinners and Weavers leader, Dorothy was only too pleased to have some spinning and chatting time. How cool is that little Koala?
A familiar face from the Patchwork Group, Denise is also a Lace maker, here with some tatting for the handkerchief edging.
There are two ways of making tatted lace, the earliest is using a tatting shuttle and later the tatting needle came into use. Both methods make beautiful lace as you can see.

Another two talented ladies from the Lace makers-Tapestry Group, Vi showing just how simple it is to create a Tapestry, or as someone who shall remain nameless said ' an upholstery', boy talk about laughter and pink face.
Spinner and Weaver member Olive, another talented lady who came along to demonstrate her crochet skills and enjoy a good goss with friends and visitors alike. The wool in her beautifully coloured shawl was just soooo soo soft, divine.
We have so many members in the Craft Cottage, spread over the 13 groups, and Judith is a member of 3 of them, Silversmiths, Pottery and Fabric Artists, today, she was demonstrating her Silversmithing skills.
Silversmith leader, Irene, busily tapping, hammering, moulding, a piece of silver into shape and style. Irene has been a guiding force in the Cottage for many years and is just one of the talented people who give so freely of their time to keep the various groups vibrant and successful.
Fabric Art leader, Lyn and relative newbie to the group Sandrine getting stuck into felting. The machine to Sandine's left is a felting machine, although she is using a felting stick.- I know, probably not a stick, but heck, what else would a novice call it??

Sandrine also has a blog and you can read all about her exploits at
or pop on over to her etsy shop to view or buy one of her cunning hats.

Calligraphy member Helen was happy - with a little encouragement from her friends - to pose with some of her work, she had many items on display but this folding card just got the juices flowing, o.k., with apologies, its not a folding card, it has a name, but its getting late and people are saying are your coming??, we are due there soon...........
MMM Art Group member, Pauline was busily creating this lovely work of art, but was happy to stop work and show off her ...........? what do painters call their works in progress? a WIP like quilters do??, well, to me its a WIP with a will be stunning Pauline.
Pam and Cherie, just two of the folks who help to hold the day together, the various teams of ladies and gents who man the sales table. Happy to take your cash or your credit card.
And as we left, a quick shot of the folks enjoying their morning cuppa, made possible by Marilyn and her band of helpers in the kitchen.

Timber Quilt blocks

A little eye candy girls and a challenge for the woodworkers we may know.
This is a 16" square timber 'sampler quilt block' made by a very handy guy in the U.S. who goes by the name of Robin Tucker.

I stumbled on this site while cruising the net looking for flying geese blocks (gee I wonder why I would be doing that? - something to do with a Row x Row by any chance).

Robin Tucker is a member of an online group of woodworkers called lumberjocks, where you can see some of his amazing work including the above pic

Robin also has an etsy shop where you can buy some of his pieces, and yes he ships worldwide.

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