Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tag Galaxy

Some of you may already know of this site, it's a great way to use up some of your day, like we all need that - not.
go to and type in quilt, spin the globe to view over 108 thousand quilts, maybe one of yours will pop up!

The link was sent by Janet Davies, a New Zealand quilter and needleworker who also finds time to write pattern books, pop on over and check out her site, she has tutorials and freebie patterns.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Down Under Quilts - Free Online Magazine Offer

Creative Living Media, is offering 6 months free online magazine subscriptions, not only to Down Under Quilts but also to magazines for Beading, Cardmaking, Scrapbooking, and Machine Embroidery.

Follow this link to subscribe.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Helping Victorian Bushfire Victims

There are many groups and individuals organising and working to help the Victorian Bushfire Victims and the Queensland Flood Victims, including some of our Thursday night girls as announced by Sheila yesterday.

For those of us who may want to do something on a more personal level there are a few avenues listed here at the bottom of the post for you to become involved in if you desire. Why the bottom?, well the pics always load to the top of the post and its a pip to move too many too far. BG (big grin).

Heather is so happy that she has finished this block, she now only has a little embroidery left on a few blocks and then we will see the finished top. Can't wait Heather. The blocks are beautiful and the work is fab.

Meg joined us yesterday with silk applique, I got distracted and forgot to ask what the finished item will be. Meg was a member of the Fabric Artists group and as such as some beautiful hand dyed silks, some of them are in this piece. I will let you know and post a pic of the finished article as soon as I can.
Tessa very kindly showing off her W.I.P., bordered stitcheries, its going to be stunning Tessa.
Heather recently did a quilting design workshop with Judy Bellingham, and here are her W.I.P's from that class, The scenery block and the fruit from the second block has been free machine quilted, a first try for Heather and its great, gives a realistic texture to the blocks.

Gwen's latest quilt, such beautiful work and great colours.


Iddybiddy Designs in Proserpine, an online store that I can wholeheartedly recommend, always includes a little gift for you in their orders, I was chatting to Wendy about an order this morning and she was rather excited about her new idea.

Wendy has a contact who was part of a quilting group in Marysville, and in future, when you place an order with Iddybiddy you will receive a calico bag with a donated stitchery, 2 fat quarters, one a blender/background and the second one that you may swap with one from your stash if you would like to.

You will then be able to add a little greeting card and any other hand work supplies you want, and then post it off to the Marysville Group.

Wendy suggested supplies you happen to have two of, pincushions, pins, marking pencils, pens, lengths of floss for the stitchery, whatever................for full details, go sign up for the Iddybiddy newsletter which is due out around the end of the month at
and if you don't need to order a fattie for your stash, just contact Wendy, and she will be happy to let you have a bag to fill and send on.

Jan Macfadyen, and others from the on line quilting groups, Southern Cross Quilters and Down Under Quilts

The following link is to Jan Macfadyen's blog. Jan has been making and donating quilts both here and overseas for many a year. Her donations are always anonymous, with maybe just a little heart surrounding her alias, Janmac.
You can donate as little as just a couple of blocks done in the QAYG method. Check out Jan's blog here, with the QAYG tutorial and instructions.

Jan has also set up a blog 'Oz Comfort Quilts - Victorian Bushfire Quilts' to chart the efforts of Australian and Overseas quilters in their effort to make, gather and distribute 5000 quilts for the victims. Just follow this link.

'Ruth in the Blue Mountains', Quilt Writer and Designer, posted this to the Scquilters Group.
The blog 'Meet Me at Mikes' has been involved in setting up the 'Handmade Help' blog to co-ordinate all sorts of craft-based assistance to those affected by the fires, including a request for recipes.

So pop on over to
and donate your fave recipe, or have a look at the links to see if there is something that appeals to you.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Westalee Rulers

For anyone who is curious about the Westalee Adjustable rulers with a locking fabric guide
here is a link to video demonstrations from Christine Abela of Gecko Gully.
The rulers were invented by an Aussie quilter, Leonie West and won the New Inventors Peoples Choice Award for 2008 .

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beautiful Quilts on Display

Wednesday's Meetings got off to a great start, Wendy displayed her Christmas Wishes Quilt at Needlework Group in the morning.Wendy with her beautiful red and white 'Family Christmas Wishes' quilt, she made this quilt and embroidered all the family names on it in time for last Christmas in honour of 'Pop' who is no longer with them.
What a lovely idea, to be able to find your name, remember Pop and make a wish on a beautiful quilt.

A very Handy Hint
The back of 'Family Wishes'. How clever is this! not wanting to put more holes in her wall, Wendy made the rod pocket to the size of her existing wall hangers and then using velcro on the corners made a removable extension for the rod! quilt hangs beautifully and no extra holes in walls.

Denise with one of two Christmas Tree wall hangings that she has made for her sons, she will be taking this one with her when she goes to visit her youngest son in Birmingham.
The other quilt is for her eldest son in Townsville.

Helen with a lovely softly coloured quilt that she has made for her Grand daughter's birthday. Helen will deliver it in person when she visits her Grand daughter in Tassie.
Julie with her 'end of projects' quilt ( I really don't like the term scrap quilt). Julie has made this for the Spinal Muscular Atrophy group for them to raise funds either by raffle or auction at a fundraising day 'Art Affair in the Garden' being organised by the Nambour Garden Organisation. We will be hearing more of this as the time draws closer.

Another quilt from Julie, this one is for her nephew's baby that is due soon, lovely tropical colours for a Cairns baby.

Ladies and Wips!

Barbara working on place mats for the Easter Fair.
Maureen showing one of her beautiful japanese fan blocks,
Winifred with some english paper piecing, the girls tell me they have named it 'Winifred's Octopus' because it keeps curling around her arm as she stitches.

Janet working on her 'bring along' handwork, a Sue Daley 'playing with paper' design.
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