Friday, May 27, 2011

Chinese Lantern Workshop

Another wonderful workshop presented by Janice this week,  this time on the versatile 'Chinese Lantern' block, and with the help of a few 60 degree rulers we saw some very interesting blocks emerge.  Two new members were concentrating on getting those templates 'just right'
and at end of day Lorraine had a stunning table runner flimsey to show for her efforts, of course in purple!! the fave colour range after all.

The gals not involved in the workshop had their own little challenge.  New member Caroline bought along a flimsey for some help and advice.  Strip pieced colours of the outback with an appliqued frilled neck lizard in all his glory.  There were some great suggestions made - looking forward to seeing the finished quilt , it will be stunning!.
 While busy out in the back room creating lanterns, Lorraine still had time to share this cute stitchery, knowing Lorraine is fond of bees - well you would have to wouldn't you, being a bee keeper?, anyway Janice gave Lorraine this really cute pattern

to create a wonderful stitchery.

 Lynn bought along this wonderful colourwash heart, a lap quilt to be that she is making for a lady who needs a little love in her life.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Di's Trunk Show

Wow, time for another trunk show, and as usual there is a mass of goodies to be seen.
Thanks again also to Debby for the words and pics.

!st photo is Di's gorgeous quilted jacket she made for the cruise she and her Darling went on not long ago.  Looks fabulous on you Di.
Di is another quilter who just whips up quilts just like that.  This scrap quilt she made last week.

This placemat was a retreat swap, nice!

Di has also made lots of quilts which she has given away to family and friends such as this red one.  Her friend Anne is the proud owner of this lovely qult as she loves red.  I love blue Di...!
Di did a class in '03 with Diane Johnson and finished it in '06 with help from our lovely Gwen.
Di made this gorgeous Japanese quilt with her Mooloolahy group.  Love the colours

Here is a round robin from years ago.
Here is another beauty.  Di's black, white and red quilt which she made on a weekend away with her bossy stitches girlfriends.  Yes we all know who they are.  Love this quilt Di, it is fabulous.
Oh woow! a colourwash quilt that Di made in Adelaide with 2 inch squares.  All cut individually and placed before sewing.  Lots of work in this one.
Here is bossy stitches swap by Penny
Another swap but this time a mask made by Gwen.  Gee Di you have lovely friends.  This mask is very interesting.
Di made this lovely wall hanging after losing her Mum.
The words read: Put your Tulips to bed in Autumn, Spend Winter under a quilt. Greet Spring in a garden full of Tulips.

Di loves her embroidery machine.  She has made this lovely wall hanging.

Nice, here is Di's sampler quilt, fabric given to her by a friend, blocks done by her bossy stitches girls and quilted by Gwen.  I believe Di is a very good deligater!!!

This is a stunning appliqued quilt.
Here is Di's Round Robin, a row by Row wall hanging which 9 girls from Thursday night patchworkers participated in last year.  A lovely keepsake.
Yes, I think we have all made a star stack and slash, this one is very cute.  They are a lot of fun to make.
Some Flying Geese cushions.  I think Di likes making flying geese.
Di has done some lovely decoupage art work. This one hangs in the garage.
Also a decoupage tray.
Here is a Lyn Ballinger challenge from 2003 - a wall hanging.

Here is another wall hanging of old Australian houses which Di has machine embroidered.

Some hand luggage for the cruise.  As you do...
Di has made a lovely table centre at a workshop in Esk.  This girl gets around!
Di made this very interesting Kalidescope quilt at a workshop with Fiona with only one fabric used, amazing!

 Another "Star" quilt
A very cute table center piece
More surprises for us when Di showed us a few of her beautiful porcelaine dolls.  She has made them right from the green ware.  Made all the clothes and painted such delicate faces.  Oh my goodness.  This 1st one is Catherine
Next is Scarlet O'Hara and won 1st Prize in Adelaide.  Congratulations Di.
Here Di has made this Piorot clown.  She is almost life size.  She looks so real.
Next I have taken lots of photos of dolls, quilts etc that Di has given away over the years.  You certainly have been a busy little bee.  Thank you so much Di for sharing all your creations with us. 
Thank you so much Di for sharing all your creations with us.
Till next month, keep stitching and smiling:) - Debby

Thank you Debby and Di for making it possible for the rest of the group and our blog followers to share in the beautiful works and Trunk Show.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our Local Volunteer Fire Brigade and our Raffle Quilts

Remember that 'last Australian Quilt' of Catti's last week?, well it may be the last finished Aussie quilt but there is another quilt in the offing...Cattie bought along this flimsey to share.  Buttonhole applique and made from an Ella & Skysie pattern, one of a series of Hats, Bags and of course Shoes.
Best Wishes for a safe flight Catti, we will miss you.

Julie has been busy creating these two quilts for the Sales section of our up-coming TREE-mendous Quilt Show.
Both quilts are simple designs (so says Julie) with a stunning look.

Judy created this lovely using Japanese prints from her stash for a very special person in her life.  It's to be posted off as a surprise in the next week or so, so not too much can be said at this point.

Each Cottage Group takes it in turns to place their works on display in the Atrium display cabinet.  This month it is the Needlework gals turn to skite and share.
 Fran, who had been to lunch with some of the girls bought these tiny beauties back to pop into the cabinet

The proceeds from our wonderful Raffle Quilts will be going to a very worthy cause, to help support our local volunteer Fire Brigade, the Ilkley and District Rural Fire Brigade.  These worthies, along with many other volunteer Brigades throughout Australia, give their time, energy, and experience not to mention fire fighting skills to help protect us from the devastation that a fire can bring.
Sheila invited Harold Baxter, the First Officer of the Ilkley and District Brigade along for us all to meet and for Harold to give a very informative talk on what is involved with the running of a volunteer group and how they have to go about raising funds to keep themselves viable, since the slashing of Government funding.
Harold mentioned just how hot the fire retardant suits are, and after a little bit of a try on, I can tell you, he's right!
 So after another yummy arvo tea, we waved bye to Harold and some of us got down to work at sandwiching a quilt, this one Ailsa's Hidden Wells, started in the recent workshop the group had.
 Some people do, some watch and the rest of us just offered vital advice......some of it was even listened to, not acted on mind, but listened to.

And why is this post sooo late?, well here's a little hint.
 Yep, a family wedding..the Bride was radiant, everyone was Glam but this little treasure stole the show.
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