Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gum Tree Designers Wonderful Australian Designers....... sharing

I've been driven nuts lately, oh all right, nuttier, by a countdown button on several of my fave blog sites, a countdown button in days, minutes, seconds - until the world of blogging goes nutty, as curious as I was I couldn't find an answer but now is all revealed.

The ever generous Jenny of Elefantz had a dream, to bring other Australian Designers, some well know, some just emerging, all under one umbrella, or if you prefer, the one gum tree, to offer their own original designs to download free. yep FREE..... and that dream has become a reality.
Starting on Monday 5th October and every Monday thereafter for 9 weeks there will be a free Christmas themed design available for free download.

Now if that isn't generous enough, just to get the ball rolling, so to speak, each designer has a giveaway on her own blog, now gals I'm not talking something small here, you should read the list of yummos each designing blogger is giving away, they will blow you away!

So grab a coffee, two choccies, one for you - one for me, and go for it. Click on the link to join the crowd under a Gum Tree and knock yourself out.
......actually, on second thoughts, use caution, just do it gently or you may end up suffering from a creativity overload. ..........I kid you not!

And when I can fix it, the button will be in our sidebar, but I just couldn't wait to share this wonderful new site with you all.
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