Monday, April 11, 2011

Quilts made with lots of love for kids affected by the Floods

The Thursday night girls have been ever so busy making quilts for kiddies.  Debby has sent us piccies of quilts made and tells us all about them.  Thank you Debby

On our first night back after Xmas Di W suggested that we make and donate some quilts for children who have lost everything in the floods.  Great idea Di.
The next week we arrived with fabric, sewing machines, and cutting boards ready to sew. 

Letitia did a great job delegating jobs to all of our enthusiastic ladies.   She had girls cutting fabric, ironing, sewing then squaring up blocks 

The log cabin quilt donated by June

Another of June's scrappy quilts 

Letitia and Penny, yes we can see you Penny!  Holding first finished quilt.

Jules and Libby getting into the job sewing and ironing on the second night of stitching

Marlene and Leanne sorting fabrics and squaring up blocks

Elaine made this little cutie at home for us to donate, thanks Elaine.
Elaine and Jules holding 2 more scrappy quilts

Elaine, Marlene, Denise and Libby with another two quilts.

Denise and Libby with a smaller scrappy quilt that Marlene and Di G made together.  Thanks girls.

Again, June and Denise holding June's quilts. 

June, this is so cute!

June is hoping a special little boy gets this cat quilt

Thank you so much ladies for giving your time, fabric, enthusiasm etc. to make these very colourful and happy quilts.  I know there will be some very happy children snuggling into these very soon as the nights get cooler.  We have been in contact with the Northern CWA.  We have also heard that Gail Chalker of Sew Creative in Gatton is organising collections of donations for Grantham as well.  Fortunately with both we are able to get free transport as we have also collected books, fabric, thread, patterns etc so we have quite a collection of goodies for some very needy friends.  We will make a decision in the next week.  Thanks so much again ladies.  It's such a pleasure being involved with such a warm and caring group of ladies.  Debby. 

Last of the Library Bags...

 Yep! this bag made by Sheila was the last cab off the rank! bringing the total library bags made  in the 2 week period allowed to 102 bags, surpassing the 90 that had been requested.
Machine Embroidery Group was asked to make as many as they possibly could to help out the kiddies at three of the flood affected schools in Ipswich, 90 being the total number needed, with help from the Patchwork Group the target was reached with a few extras that can be pressed into service to tote togs to school swimming lessons, so they certainly won't go astray. Well done all!

Sue had a bit of a UFO clean out, Catti snaffled them up and finished off the goodies for our Sales Table. Thank you to the donor and the finisher...

Catti also made this cutie, the 10th Quilt of Love requested by the Selengor Private Hospital.
 We saw Catti's WIP, the windmill quilt last week, and here it is all finished! It's to be a pressie to her Mum in Switzerland when Cattie flys home for a visit.

Made from a pack of co-ordinating fabrics received a few years back with a magazine subscription renewal Lorraine has created this 'floor' quilt for her Great Granddaughter Charley. Originally there was a pattern included but as quite a number of the 10" squares happened to include the selvedge edges in the measurement, the box was put on the shelf to await inspiration.  Lorraine has cleverly cut and assembled the blocks used to form a stepped pattern while still using some of the 1 patch blocks.  There was enough fabric left over to allow Lorraine to piece the binding to match the quilt.

Jackie bought along two of her completed wall hangings, both of which spent quite some years in the UFO pile.
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