Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pinmoors........they're all the rage

Just what are they I hear you ask, well, they are a revolution, in fact they promise to be as revolutionary as the rotary cutter!!  Designed by Loretta Ivison over many years, they are designed to take all the effort out of pinning your quilt.
Using your own straight pins, slide the pin through to the back of the quilt, along and back up through to the front, press the pinmoor onto the pin end and presto, done. Any straight pin will work, glass heads, plastic flower heads, whatever you usually use, although I think a longer pin would be easier.

Judy Hall of Punch with Judy,  has offered us the opportunity to purchase the pinmoors at a discount and with large savings on Postage, which will certainly help to make the Pinmoors so much more affordable.
They Retail at $20 for a bag of 50, and it's recommended that to pin a large quilt you would need 2 packets. Currently the colours offered by Judy are red, orange, yellow, white or bags of mixed colours.
Hopefully I will have a Pinmoor to show anyone who is interested next Wednesday.
 Another view of Pinmoors, Judy doesn't offer the blue or green colours
If you think you are interested in the Pinmoors and would like to know more, visit the designer, Loretta Ivison on her website at,
where you can also watch a presentation video of Loretta pinning a quilt.

The discount that Judy is offering is dependent on the total of sales, the good news is that we can purchase any goods from her website not just the Pinmoors to qualify for the discount.

Treasure Found, Sneak Peek at a W.I.P and other lovelies

Christine bought along her 'blue' quilt to show us today, she started collecting the blue fabrics a few years back, about 20 of 'em actually, the idea being that she would make a quilt for her Son, well she has made a stunning quilt with some advice and following a pattern from Monica down at the Sewing Basket.  DS has sadly missed out on this one.
Christine had envisaged that the quilt would go rather nicely in the spare bedroom......a.but her Darling had other ideas, its now proudly in use in their bedroom....I guess you could say he rather likes it!
 Christine had her quilt machine quilted by Fiona using a variegated thread in a swirly edge to edge pattern.

As a bit of a change from the blue and black, Christine ventured into the world of the vibrant with this bright quilt,
all sandwiched up and ready to go, she bought it along today to ask for quilting ideas.  Louise very kindly helped hold the quilt out while we all put in our tuppence worth.  Christine went home with quite a few designs, books and ideas.  We will all be interested to see the finished quilt and what Christine decides as the final quilting design.

Sadie, back from some time away bought in her flimsey from the Tessellation workshop she started with Val, soft apricot in the blocks is echoed in the border print fabric.

Caitti made good use of the Q.A.Y.G. demonstration that Beryl shared with us last week, creating her own version of the Q.A.Y.G. table runner,
The runner is destined for use on the patio table, not too far from the flower bed with blooms of the same colour palet as the runner.  Catti also made a wine bottle coaster and two coasters to complete her table setting.

Spied this rather unusual piece being worked on, just a little peek at a WIP,
Can't wait to see the finished.......(well that would be telling, now wouldn't it!)

Fran, famous for her one quilt every 10 years philosophy, started this beauty in Val's first Tessellation workshop, she finished the blocks at home, but assembled the flimsey at our Retreat and has since had it beautifully professionally quilted by Wendy.
It will be put to very good use for the Grandies to snuggle under when they visit.

The show and tell table had quite a collection of Christmas goodies,  they are all samples of what we will be working on in our upcoming mini Retreat,
Lined Christmas Stocking, tree baubles, and machine pieced and assembled hexies for a christmas table runner, oh yeah, and a mystery sneak peeks on that one yet!

Caity has been off to the Op-Shop, and found this little cutie, an embroidered linnen drawstring bag, cost her the princely sum of $1, don't you just love a bargain??
The Napkin holder is all Catti's own work, beautiful silk ribbon embroidery.
There is a matching book mark in the making as well,........ just picture it, lounging back reading a book with a beautiful marker to keep your place, sipping a pleasant cup of tea from the finest china, munching on the tinsiest little cake or pastry and helping yourself to a napkin from this beautiful napkin holder....Bliss!!

Well, its a girly-er (is that a word??) scenario than the actuality, trying to peer around a cat that has just discovered that sitting on the computer desk and snuffling into your coffee is really quite really makes the hooman snitty!

Arvo tea was Mud Cake, Ginger Spoges and choc bikkies, all on pretty plates on a white cloth. 
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