Friday, October 7, 2016

Cottage was fair jumpin'...

last Wednesday, lots of excitement and planning of purchases at the Brisbane Craft and Quilt show, offers to 'pick up a few extras' for those not able to make it and some very sage advice from one who has been bitten...more than once...check your crafting supplies before you go, just so you don't come home with yet another 'amazing gizmo that you know you just cannot live without' to join the very same gizmo sitting in your cupboard, obviously, still in it's packaging!

The Potters (or more formally, the clay artists and potters Group were also scooting through and around, busy busy, mountains of beautiful pieces were being set on plinths and displays tweeked - their annual exhibition 'The Sculptured Garden' starts this weekend. Dates are Saturday 8th until Sunday 16th October from 9a.m. to 4p.m. daily
The display coincides with the Buderim Garden Festival on 15th and 16th Oct, so if you are planning a visit to the Sunshine Coast don't miss out, make it soon and snaffle yourself an amazing piece of clay art, or perhaps even win this fantastic piece.
Designed and generously donated by Deidre Phipps, tickets are $2 or 3 for $5.

Loraine had a stunning wip to share, the pattern is by Jeanne Harrison from the facebook group 'Sit Down Free Motion Quilters', a group Loraine finds very helpful.
Loraine tells us that there is a pic of Jeanne's quilt on the facebook page but as it is a closed group you will need to join to access the pic/pattern.
A couple of closer views of Loraine's work

Marlene shared her almost finished 'I Spy', created with her gifted pack of squares from the group. Marlene chose to go down the 'vibrant' path when planning her quilt, searching high and low to gather sashing and binding fabrics that would reflect all the colours featured in her border.

Fae had another finished charity quilt to share, cute and cuddly bears.
and is busily stitching the binding on another one, to be revealed next week.

Courtney busily working on her version of our mystery quilt, lots of lovely blues and purples.

Congratulations to new patchwork group member Gahey on her win at the Nundah Art Show Gahey is also a member of the Cottage group MMM (Mixed and Multi Media) and entered one of her pieces "The Portrait" winning a lovely 1st prize and $500.

Clay artist Heather was happy to share her beautiful piece with us, looking forward to visiting the potters and their always great exhibition.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mystery Quilt - Step 1

Here it is, Materials List and step 1 or our Mystery Quilt.

This will make a quilt 48inches square. If you would like to make it 48" x 72" you will need 2.5 metres of background fabric, plus borders and another 50% more of your 2.5" wide strips or jelly roll strips.

Assorted 2.5inch strips of scraps or part of a jelly roll (approx. 24 2.5" strips)
1.5mtr background fabric with another 40cm extra for the border.

Step 1 Instructions
From your 2.5" wide strips of scraps or jelly roll cut:-
32 4.5" long strips
32 6.5" long strips

From your background fabric cut 6 x 2.5" wide strips across the width of fabric.
Subcut the background fabric strips into 64 x 2.5" squares.

Draw a line diagonally on the wrong side of your 64 squares corner to corner.

With right sides together, place a background square on right hand end of the 4.5" strips, making sure your stitching line runs from the top right hand corner to the bottom left hand corner.
Stitch along the marked line as per diagram below to snowball the corner. Trim excess fabric a quarter inch for seam allowance and press open.

With the pile of 6.5" strips, place a 2.5" background square on the left hand end of the strip, making sure your stitching line runs from the top left to the bottom right corner. Stitch along the marked line. Check the diagram. The stitching angle is critical so keep one as a template and make sure all stitch lines are going in the right direction.

More chittering than a scurry of chipmunks

Wednesday was just one of those days, everyone seemed to be talking, laughing and just jollying around, so many projects on the go and all being busily worked on.
Mind you, as soon as the camera comes out they all stop chatting, no-one wants an open mouth pic on the post!
Karen J, with her back to us, was working on the binding of a cute Sudoku quilt.
Karen very kindly gave an impromptu mini class on the construction of her Sudoku quilt using 9 different fabrics,
and being the very clever lass that she is, the same fabrics in a large 9 patch formed the backing.
Sue A presented a tutorial a few years back on a Sudoku quilt, but if you missed it or need a refresher here are a couple of links,
Rose Smith has a youtube video here
with comprehensive instructions here
but if you really want a quilting sudoku challenge, try this one from Moda Bake Shop,

Julie, who is also a member of the Mooloolah Valley quilting group bought her mystery flimsey along to share,
It was the at the Mooloolah Valley Show and Tell that Wendy was first inspired to present a mystery quilt to our group, and I must say the idea has been enthusically embraced.
Helen T also bought her finished Mystery along

Fae was working on sandwiching another quilt, she already had the cute little bears fabric but a quick trip to the fabric shop was needed to snaffle the other fabrics, including a nicely matched backing.
Fae also had a finished offset squares quilt ready for sharing,
That's Sherrye in the background, helping out Courtney by pressing and cutting her fabrics for the Mystery quilt.

Pat bought her machine along to work on the quilting of her current cutie, 'Catlady', a Coton + Steel pattern by Sarah Watts, Pat was convinced to stay in the main room with the rest of us and it was 'quilt central' most of the day, everyone popped along for a look and a chat.
Quilting progress to date, wanting to use up every little piece of her Japanese cat fabric, Pat pieced the backing for 'Catlady'. Pat ends each quilting line, tying and burrying each thread - no short cuts here!

Karen has been stitching little frock and nicker sets for her newest Grandie, using a Cabbage Patch doll pattern (who remembers those, the dolls and the patterns, the patterns were such a boon to stitching little things for bubbies all those years ago)
beautiful tie backs and edged in lace, Karen even stitched sweet litte roses along the lace on the lavender dress.
Remember that cute little apron Karen made for another Grandie? well lucky lass now has a matching little tote.

Marie has been stitching up a storm,
creating two identical quilts for twin sisters, it's their 21st soon and Marie will have these beauties to gift to them.
A medallion created with 'Sister' sentiments and appliqued roses, edged with (according to Marie, hundreds) of flying geese. Truly a gift to treasure.
Marie was thrilled to find a Derivian marker at Spotlight to use for the verse, comes in different colours and is only $4. You can read about them at.

Jackie shared her latest with us. Lovely vibrant colours, 2.5" strips crosscut and sashed.
The backing was a piece purchased a few years back when the Palmwoods patchwork shop was relocating, of course it was on sale, at a ridiculously low price and Jackie knew she just had to have it, being a little short one end Jackie pieced some more vibrants down the side and voila! another brilliant backing.
Jackie wanted an allover quilting design that didn't detract from the vibrancy of her quilt, and was thrilled with the job Letitia did.
Letitia is growing her longarm quilting business and specialises in quilting all over designs as opposed to pantograph patterns that go edge to edge in a repeat pattern. She prefers to quilt a design that complements your quilt without overpowering the work done by the quilt owner.
If you have the odd flimsey sitting around wishing it was a quilt, speak to Letitia, her rates are most reasonable and she can be reached at:
Letitia Turner
Home Ph. 5476 7351 or
Mob. 0434 829 128

Step 2 reveal of the Mystery quilt, lots of little baggies of finished strips were on display.
Wendy handed out Step 2 instructions and gave a little demo, there were some sneaky questions she managed to answer gardedly so as not to give the game away.

Links to Step 1 instructions can be found in the sidebar.

Sheila is spending some time with the Grandies, took a trip to the wildlife park, but hey, not a Grandie in sight, could be something to do with the crocodile she is holding, reckon we will all be doing a little surreptitious finger counting when she gets back!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Its all a mystery...

Just what are all these gals up to, lots of hubub going on...
Turns out, its all about Wendy's wistful mumblings of mystery quilts at the Mooloolah Valley visit.
We are doing a Mystery Quilt!
Wendy has written up the pattern! a first for her.
And Yes, of course, we will be posting the instruction so anyone can follow along, so look for the instructions in the next couple of days.

It seems that just about everyone has an ipad or tablet these days, great for pics of quilts, links to quilting blogs, merchant sites and patterns. But more importantly, a great tool for sharing pics of those most important people in our lives, the Grandies...

Pat was working on her latest and shared the flimsey with us, cats playing ball, makes one smile, gonna be a great quilt, possibly for sale in our Atrium gift shop.

Wendy had two delicious little baby quilts, mading 2 for choice and stitched a sweet label for the chosen quilt.

Karen stitched the cutest little apron for a 2yr old Grandie,

Val has been busy stitching quilts for Laurel House, a charity that helps kiddies affected by sexual abuse. The counselors often talk of 'the elephant in the room' and there are many elephant figurines dotted around the offices so when Val came across this sweet cross stitch she knew just what to do with it.

Val also created this cutie, just perfect for a dog lover, however, when quilting with a serpentine stitch she found herself wandering across those loving faces, a bit of reverse stitching took place and problem solved with a meandering stitch around those cute doggies faces.

Our Cottage is surround with gardens and backs onto bushland so visitors of the wild kind have been known to drop in from time to time, but this little fellow decided to investigate a little further, mananging to get lost in the back room. They may look cute, and they can be cute, some become tame enough to eat blossoms and vegies from your hand, but if feeling threatened the can give you a nasty nip and just look at those claws - I can tell you those suckers scratch like billy oh if he decides you are a nice high perch and runs up your leg!!
Luckily Big Bad John came to our rescue, snatched up the equipment needed and herded lizzy out the door!
Well, actually, Caligraphy group have their exhibition on in the Atrium and John was on duty - but that doesn't sound half so wild west. Thanks John.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A lovely day in Mooloolah

The Mooloolah Valley girls held their Bienale quilt show and tell last Wednesday 7th Sept, it's always an enjoyable day out with quilting friends, meeting new faces, greeting old faces, err...faces from previous years??
There was a lovely quilted banner greeting you at the entrance.
Show and tell was in the Mooloolah Public Hall, set just off the street in lush tropical surrounds

Mooloolah girls had the fun of setting up a Mystery Quilt within the group, these are some of the results. Wendy was rather taken with the idea of a group Mystery Quilt....but more on that later
Sheila took along a lovely Cathederal squares cushion. A gift for a friends birthday. As we all know it's Sheila's credo, "if you can't machine it, I'm not doing it", so yep, a donated orphan block was used for the front and the lovely backing was purchased while on holiday with said friend, who just happens to love violets and the colour purple.

Show and Tell quilts from our group and a past member.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Beauties, all...

almost missed them, can you believe it? sorry Sheila and Michelle and of course the gals who created these lovelies. I think my e-mail address has been sold, only explanation of why I'm getting sooooo many mails each day.

Michelle sent these quite some time ago, thanks Michelle for your time and efforts.

Jaqui's 18 inch squares turned into a very large star block, love the fabric

Leanne's gorgeous postage stamp quilt. 7056 pieces of 1 1/2 squares with a black and white stripe binding, quilted by Fiona the Quilting Fairy

More of Val's charity quilts

Farewell to Anneke

One oh Val's beautiful quilts.

Pics and notes from Sheila. Thank you Sheila.
Sue A finishing a row by row which has been in the finish box for years !

Squares and oblongs in vibrant fabrics from Karyn

Helen T., a quilt for herself

Start made on making notions for quilt show. They can be used as a coaster. Special gold fabric chosen to celebrate 50 years of BCC

Marion on the machine

Hope you all enjoy the eye candy!!
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