Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Excitement Mounts...........

There were the beginnings of piles of various craft goods overflowing tables in corners of rooms at the cottage today............and then almost at the end of our meeting, members of other groups started to appear, flitting here, flitting there, all with layout plans, signs, secret squirrel stuff.........ooooh, I am finding it hard to wait for Saturday,

I wanted to take home so many things right there and then, but mainly I wanted to snaffle that pink cat and a pair of beautiful red baby booties - yep there is baby news in the wind in my neck of the woods.......just awaiting the 'official' announcement.Heather has returned from her journey down south, and bought all her blocks along. They were laid out on a couple of tables with the sashing and border fabrics, we all had a great time putting forward views and playing with the layout

I have been a bit naughty, got a couple of 'before' pics of the wonderful "Novelties Items" that will be for sale to the kiddies for very little in the way of pennies.

and a great pic of Meg holding a couple of her silk bags, my promise to me is to snaffle one of these this time, picture that old t.v. toon the 'Flinstones' with Wilma and Betty at the store doors, rushing in, cards at the ready, screaming at the top of their voice "Charge It"
Will let you know if success is mine.

Added on Sunday 12/4/09
YES, Yes, yes, Happy Dance.............., I snaffled this Autumnal bag Meg is holding..............
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