Sunday, August 30, 2009

Patchwork Furnishings

Ever been hit with a bad attack of the wants?, you know something that is really never going to happen but you wish it would.

Well, thanks to Juanita, a fellow SCQer, who posted a link to this site this is what I would love to have, a patchwork chandelier, it would go ever so beautifully in a really girly bathroom, something with lots of marble, and gold, and glass, frosted of course to disguise the, shall I say, extra curves.
Of course this Chesterfield would be nice too
And the cabinet would be so cool for storing your fat quarters
But really, its the Chandelier for me. It's amazing what these folks can do with a bit of fabric. Suddenly Dorthy is in danger of not getting the furnishing fabric offcuts as promised.
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