Tuesday, November 10, 2009

True Random Number Generator

Notice the True Random Number Generator at the top of our sidebar?

What do you think I put it there for??

Yeah, I know its fun to play around with, but really, there is another reason, a good reason, a fun reason, a downright exciting reason, well those of us in the know are excited and I bet you will be too.

The first one of you dear readers who leaves a comment with the correct guess will win a little something, one of my Hot Pink butchers style aprons, I would post a pic but that would mean using a camera, where is my camera???

The Grandies visited over the weekend, we had a whale of a time, lots of piccies taken, but where is my camera??

I have faith, the camera will re-surface. Yep, it will.

Oh and a little hint: its coming up to an anniversary
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