Sunday, June 9, 2019

Excitement is hitting fever pitch...

yep, the countdown is well and truly on...only 18 days to go.

Gals are planning layouts

Gals are planning food (and I can tell you, tasty, yummy and deliciousness abound)

Gals are stitching last minute goodies for sale

Gals are sourcing rods and pockets for quilts

Basically, Gals are working hard to ensure this is one heck of a quilt show.
Courtesy of Sheila we have a sneak peek of some of the fabulously diverse quilts that will be on show.

First cab quilt off the rank is this modern scrappy from Sue A.
A great feeling of movement in this quilt, Sue has achieved visual flow by including a small amount of colour from each neighbouring block.

Interesting graphics create a 3D maze effect in Marie's wonderfull quilt.

Anki's bright table runner is so 'Tropical Queensland', just begging to star in an alfresco dining setting.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in the next pic, and I apologise to Sue W. and to Sheila, I had so much trouble trying to capture the pic and in the end this is the best result, normally I wouldn't even post such a bad pic but I think we all know the amazing work Sue W does and this quilt is a masterpiece of tiny stitches, lovely colours and designs, so just pop along to our show and see this stunner in the flesh, well the cotton??

A tiny trip down memory lane, remember those twin little blondies that would visit our group and pop along to each quilt show with Sheila?
I shall whisper to you, 21...yep...Sheila's Grandies are turning 21...and of course making their own way into adult life, so what do you give Grandies who already have their 'grown up' quilts, and who received a sewing box each for their 20th Birthdays?, well a cushion of course, easily transportable and in their fave colour so will always fit in with the decor.
Sheila chose a simple Greek Key design for memory sake, a reminder of the great trip to Greece she and the girls shared.
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