Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 Challenge and Quilt Show Winners

Well what a fun lunch that was. 
Lots of lovely food,
Lots of yummy dessert
Gallons of punch.
Gossip galore.....who would have thought that there would be so much to chatter about since last week?
After feeding our faces  dining delicately on the delish chicken and salads, not to mention desert, we moved onto the business end of the day.........

Firstly there was the presentation to Najidah, our charity of choice for this quilt show, of a lovely cheque for $2,000.00 made up of the raffle proceeds, as well as the coin donations from the culled library books.
Got a good grip on that cheque there!,
We were then treated to an update of the vital work these gals do, as well as an amazing story of resilience and determination of one of their recent clients, a Mum who would not have been able to rescue herself and family without the intervention and help of Najidah.
Only time there was no chatter all day.

Then what everyone has been waiting for, finally the announcement of the challenge winners, both viewers choice and judged have to provide your own drum roll here...just pick up a pencil and have at it!!
3rd Prize judged winner is Pat, can that smile get any bigger?

With her Mini Q.A.Y.G Challenge

2nd Prize judged winner is Susan, delightedly glancing at her certificate

Susan's winning challenge, a traditional design with some very nice hand quilting.
and finally
-grab those pencils again....
1st Prize judged winner for 2015 Lyn Ballinger Challenge is:
Pat!! Yep 1st and 3rd prizes going to the one gal, no we don't have a limit to how many times you can enter, as the challenges are used as lucky door prizes, the more the merrier!
Pat's 1st Prize winner.
Well done Pat and Susan and congratulations on your prizes, gift vouchers donated by our two quilt show merchants, Kim of Kimz Sewing and Patchwork and Penny of Patchwork Angel for use in their stores.

Viewers choice Challenge winners are Heather Tucker for this novel entry.
 Heather will be presented with the Lyn Ballinger perpetual trophy of a quilt stand when she returns from her holidays.
2nd Place viewers choice is Pat

3rd Place viewers choice is Deanne

Viewers choice winners for the 2015 Quilt Show are:
(pencils please!)
1st prize
Gwen with this amazingly beautiful white wholecloth quilt, made for a Grandson and his Lady.
Gwen wins the perpetual trophy donated by the bossy stitchers in memory of  Janet Smith  of a hand quilting frame.

2nd Prize Viewers choice winner is Fiona with her Hexagon quilt
3rd Prize viewers choice winner is
Fiona with her quilt, Jacks Chain.
 First time evah.....two gals winning two places in the one category!

Now, finally, all the challenge entries.

It was a great Quilt Show and Challenge, congratulations to all the winners, enjoy your hard earned prizes.
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