Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fran's Lunch

"Cheers!" "Merry Christmas" and a big "Thank You Fran" all that in one toast.
Fran, our diary diva, still managed to get an 'occasion clash' and won't be joining her friends at the Groups Christmas party.
As a special treat Fran put on one of her beautiful lunches for us, the best turkey & brie sandwiches you ever had with a glass of chilled champagne followed by plates of cake, tarts and meringues topped with whipped cream and cherries. delish..

Fran, looking every bit the Christmas Hostess in a beaded sheath and fluffy Santa earrings

Sunnies off and letting Marcia have some screen time.

That platter was piled high with sandwiches and I don't think there was a single one left over.

We even had floral arrangements on the tables.

Center Finished! Yay!!

Heather has been working on this Baltimore Quilt for a few years now, -as you do- unfortunately one of the blue fabrics (and yes it was a patchwork quality) faded, so this is the second time she has had to work this block, it's also the last block of the quilt, so a time to celebrate the center being finished at yesterdays meeting

And here is the clever lass with that almost finished last block, don't you just love the little heart shapes formed by the swans tails?

Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.
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