Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 1 of the Christmas Excitement

The Cottage Christmas Fair was off to a wonderful start this afternoon.
Grabbed a few pics of goodies for you to drool over.
Well set up for the crowds to come, Treasure Heather was just waiting for that first sale with an amazing blue and white quilt as her backdrop.
A Christmas tree sporting some sweet little decorations with place mats surrounding its base, table runners and stockings on the display behind.
Great selection of Table Runners, all sizes and styles are to be had, including the rather innovative 'watermelon slice'....hmmm  wouldn't mind a nice slice of chilled, juicy, sweet melon about now.....

A longer table runner, one of the Advent Calendars and two of the many Christmas Stockings.
Lots of Kiddies Wall Hangings, and more table runners
More Wall hangings, Coasters and of course....gloves....for both gardening and machine quilting.
One the side wall, lots of quilts - some you will recognise from previous posts, all capped off with a lovely double sided Christmas Bunting.
More lovely quilts....
Of course these are just a few quick snaps from around the room, so much more to see and even to snaffle for a loved one, Marie's innovative shoe bags, aprons fit for a Christmas Luncheon Queen, or even King, stuffed toys, books, table throws, avocado bags, etc., etc.

Do hope to see you at the Fair tomorrow
Starts at 8.00a.m. and winds up at 2.30pm
5 Main Street Buderim  - - Opposite the Sate Primary School

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Party Mood for our Christmas Fair

Yep, lots of excitement at the Cottage today, it was 'sign in' day where the gals all bring along their Christmas Fair offerings,
Some even dressed for the occasion in some fantastic slacks, bribes and $$$'s were offered to Marcia to  part with her 'Party Pants' but she couldn't be tempted.
Can't blame her...
Mountains of gorgeous goodies for the sales tables, but managed (thanks Sue) to snaffle some pics of a few of the offerings
There are always bags offered for sale, and this one is a beauty.  Some stunning Japanese fabrics featured on a beautiful soft tote.
Christmas Stockings, well where would we be without Christmas Stockings for the little ones?
Sorry about the appearance of the misshapen foot on one, it had stuffing in it and didn't photograph very well.  It's a lovely stocking, believe me.

A stunning wall hanging featuring circles of lovely Japanese fabrics and straight line quilting.

Small sampling of stuffed toys, fabric book  and neck pillows.  The circles on the pillows are appliqued felt with a heavy thread quilting.

Even though everyone is busy with the Fair, there were two charity quilts for Show and Tell.
Inga completed this mainly pastel string quilt for Najida.

Val created this quilt using Aboriginal designs and fabrics for Laurel House.
Laurel house has opened another office in country Queensland, where most of the clients are of Aboriginal descent. 
The Laurel House folks purchased some fabric for Val's group to get them started, and it's no surprise that Val's quilt is the first one completed.
A closer view of the lovely 'ripples in the pond' quilting.
Our Cottage will be open Friday 29th November from 2.00p.m. to 6.00 p.m.
and Saturday 30th November from 8.00 a.m. until 2.30p.m.
for more info. pop over to the Cottage Web page here

Hope to see you at the Fair!
The address is:-
5 Main Street
(Opposite the State Primary School)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thursday night

Sue was on supper duty - that always bodes well for us all!!

Yola was doing something great.......................

Fiona was dressing her flat people....................

Hand piecing for Jenny...............

Its very sad that as we get older one pair of glasses is not enough!!!

GTASB quilt block - Debbie

Scottie dogs kept Jane A busy...............

Sue's pretty "stuff"...........................

Winnie the Pooh quilt for Sue's twin granddaughters...................

Yola and her sister were had some hand applique to show us.............

An iris done by their sister Iris - true story!!

Another GTASB block by Debs

Tish is still winding those threads!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie's work - as usual, lovely fabrics.
Till next time!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Julie went shopping..

...while on an exciting holiday to South America, and returned with some beautiful hand worked souvenirs, such as this vibrant wall hanging. 

She was also able to visit a home where they spun and wove these beautiful table runners out of alpaca fleece
Julie also purchased this hand woven bag, bet it came in handy for all the lovely goodies she purchased. 
The Thursday night girls had a workshop last week to make some really cute little bags, Jackie bought hers along to share with us. A rather cunning spring loaded closure is encased in the gathered top band.
Marie bought this beauty along to share with us, made using aboriginal print fabrics and hand quilted.
Marie made the quilt to be given away as a house warming gift from her daughter to her daughters' friend who collects aboriginal art..
Wendy used a different block layout for her reversible Q.A.Y.G. string quilt for a completely different look.
Val has been busy beavering away assembling the with Q.A.Y.G. string quilt blocks into quilts.
 These two quilts are both to be donated to Charities.
Thank you Marie for taking the Pics and giving us the stories behind them.  Not to mention the learning curve of downloading the pics from your phone. 

Last week, and thanks to Lorraine for the pics, we got to see Debby's lovely wall hanging of a cat in the bushes, Debby has been working on this beauty for awhile and was rather pleased to find just the right fabric to frame and bind her project.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pat at Yokohama Quilt Show

As promised, the much awaited pickies from Pat arrived today,
Just look at that grin, Congratulations Pat!
A closer view of the wall label, wonder if Pat gets to keep that!

The Show winning quilt,
Must not have been much room for photography, as you can see this pic is on it's side, believe me, you get a better idea of the quilt on this angle than flipped over <g>
Can't wait until Pat and her Darling return home to fill us in on all the exciting details.

Friday, November 8, 2013

A whole bunch of cutness...

just checking mail and got a flood of cute that was begging to be shared...
now how is this quilt related you may ask.....well this little bundle is going to be a budding quilter, yep, for sure, can just picture her at Mum's Lainey's feet as she zooms those quilts together.
Welcome to the world of qultin' fun little Bea (What else would an apiarists name their new furry friend?)

While on the subject of cuteness, how about this little basket
One of many that will be filled with rocky road for Christmas thank you gifts.

Val, Lainey and Beryl, along with input from Patricia were making decisions on just which blocks will go with which for the charity quilts.

Sue W bought along another one of the Christmas quilts she had made for her Great Nieces.
The lucky gals are all getting a quilt for Christmas!
Sue has had this lovely machine quilted in an allover butterfly design by Esther.

Deanne shared her memory quilt, made a few years back from her Dad's ties, with embroidered stories sprinkled liberally over the wall hanging.
Its all about rush rush rush this morning, hope you enjoy seeing what we have been up to at the Cottage.

Thursday night - just the seven of us!

Sue busy going through the stages of the little bag........................

Jane A worked on her felt circles and cut out two aprons - busy!!

Jenny's little Elna Lotus.............

Jackie's fabrics for her bag...................

Sue's apple core/Winnie the Pooh quilt for her twin granddaughters.

Cute little flat people and pets were on Fiona's to-do list..........

Three little bags made on the night - Marlene, Janice and Jenny.
Thanks Sue for a great "instant gratitude" workshop!
Till next week.

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