Thursday, October 15, 2015

The excitement is bubbling over...

...Four quilts from two of our members were hung at the recent Queensland Quilt Show  at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Brisbane, yes I know, four of them, the entire Patchwork Group is so excited and proud of our achievers Fiona and Pat....and...wait for it...there is more!!

Fiona's quilt 'White House Hexagons' won ribbons....yep plural

and...Fiona got the news on Monday, 'White House Hexagons' is one of the 5 quilts chosen by Queensland Quilt Inc to be part of their display at the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne next year!! such excitement and joy!

Congratulations Pat and Fiona

Now, just how many Buderim quilters will be scooting down to Melbourne next April??

'White House Hexagons'
'Best Traditional' quilt winner
3rd place in 'Professional Pieced'
Chosen by Queensland Quilters Inc for inclusion in the Queensland display at the 2016 Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne.
Fiona took just 2 years to complete this quilt, working on it while traveling and watching her son Kart Race.  The layout is called Honeycomb Mosaic and her inspiration came from the book 'Quilts of Virginia 1607-1899 featuring a quilt started by U.S. President James Munroe's daughter Maria.  Maria was also the first Presidential daughter to be married in the White House, sadly Maria never managed to finish her quilt.
Fiona's second quilt is 'Jacks Chain' started in a class with Lessa Siegele last year with the aim of conquering 'set in' seams.  The block is a hexagon surrounded by 9 patches and triangles.
Both of Fiona's quilts were hung in our recent Quilt Exhibition with 'White House Hexagons' taking out 2nd Place Viewers Choice behind Gwen Mitchell's white whole cloth quilt and 'Jacks Chain winning 3rd Place Viewers Choice.

Pat also had two quilts hung at the Queensland Quilters Show in Brisbane and both of them were in our recent Quilt Exhibition.
Pat purchased the kimono fabric at the Kyoto Kimono Museum on a trip to Japan and the background fabric here in Aus.
The quilt is a tribute to the people of Japan and their traditions, culture and food.

Pat's second quilt 'Throw of the Dice' was an adventure into using solid fabrics and matchstick quilting with different weight and types of threads which then created the rainbow effect on the grey background.

Marie brought along a fantastic quilt to share with us, hand applique and custom machine quilted by Marie, it is a Michele Hill pattern ' William De Morgan Sampler' and can be seen on Michele's web site, just visit the quilt gallery and pattern section and scroll down to the 7th pic
Marie is a long term William Morris fan and just could not resist purchasing this pattern while in W.A.
A couple of closer views of the applique blocks.
My fave block is the cross looking creature having a bad hair day, kinda looks familiar somehow, something to do with mirrors - reflections- ...
Marie shared a story of luck involving a couple of her family members, who on passing a Patchwork store thought they would buy Marie a little treatie, bit of a rush job and the lass - not a quilter - grabbed what she thought was a pretty parcel of fabric.  Everyone was happy but not as happy as Marie on receiving the goodies, you guessed it, a parcel of William Morris fabrics, could not have chosen better. 
Marie didn't have a plan for this quilt, until one of her daughters spotted it and decided that 'those beautiful blues would go beautifully in my lounge room Mum'

Now if any others out there are struggling to keep their U.F.O's and W.I.P's under control then you might be interested in this post from Lit and Laundry on just how she is beginning to get her (so far) 94 projects organised. 
I thank the lassie who put me onto this blog, the organising system shows promise but really, 94 W.I.P's??  and it seems from others comments that 94 isn't so unusual, but I tell you what - it has put a smile on my dial and made the guilt recede somewhat, I mean...really...94?? I'm laffin' about you? how many ufos are squirreled away in your many hidey holes?

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