Thursday, July 11, 2013

2013 Quilt Show - Part 5

Granny's Garden
Created by Wendy
This quilt has taken a few years to complete.  It is hand pieced hexagons done with paper piecing. 
There are about 5,000 of them.  The quilt was then hand quilted.

Created by Denise
 An original Scrappy quilt with emphasis on light and dark came into being after completing a similarly  styled one (along with Pauline and Kay) donated to the Sunshine Coast Hospice.  Patchwork is highlighted with shadow quilting.

Seminole Patchwork Jacket
Created by Heather
This jacket was one of my first real patchwork projects and my first garment to use patchwork.  The Seminole technique is adapted from the bright patchwork of the Seminole Indians of Florida, US and is often used in borders and quilted clothing.
For this jacket the strips were cut in varying widths and with colours graded from darks to lights with two accent colours blended in.  The strips were joined vertically, recut at a 45 degree angle into more strips and joined again to form a panel of fabric big enough for each section of the jacket.  A small group of neighbours held a few workshops to learn the technique.  My jacket was made entirely by me and is all machine pieced.

'Happy Quilt'
Assembled by Debby
A friendship Quilt
This is a 'Row by Row Friendship Quilt' and was a team effort of nine girls.  We all made a quilt at our Thursday night patchwork groups several years ago.  We had to pick a theme each such as a small quilt or wall hanging - I chose to make a child's teddy quilt.  Each month the quilts were passed on with bit of fabric and we had a list of designs that we needed to complete on each quilt.  We all completed a different design each month which made it extremely enjoyable.  All nine quilters did a great job on mine and Letita did a fabulous job quilting my quilt on her quilting machine named 'Ethel'.  Thanks Letitia, Thanks girls, love this quilt.

'Daisy Delight'
Created by Wendy
This quilt was designed by Joanne Ridley.  There are different textures in the flowers.  Some have a chenille effect and on some I have used Texture Magic, which gives the fabric a 'bubbly' appearance.
I have edged the flowers with narrow bias binding.  A group of us liked the same pattern and all made our own version of it.

'Autumn Tones'
Created by Marlene
Loved the colours and fabrics from Leesa Chandler of Melbourne, Vic.  Pattern is adapted from a large quilt given to an interstate relative.  Machine pieced by me
Professionally machine quilted by Quilting Fairy Fiona Bell.

'My First Yo-Yos'
Created by Jules
A closer view of some of those stunning Yo-Yos and the 'lighter that air' construction.
I am a beginner quilter, and a member of the Thursday nigh Buderim Quilting group. 
This Yo-Yo (Suffolk puff) quilt was made from the inspiration and guidance from Jenny Clauston of the same group.
It is all hand pieced and stitched by myself and made from my scraps.
About 140 of the Yo-Yo were made whilst I was traveling across the States last year, so some of these pieces are very well traveled!!

2013 Quilt Show - Part 4

'Australian Flora'
Created by Marie
The Australian flora fabric I feel is really beautiful.  It represents the Australian flora so well.  I used the Snowball pattern thinking it would be a quick quilt to make but forgot about all those seams that should meet.  But I was happy with the result.

'Gum Leaves in the Pool'
Created by Betty
An article from an old Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine by Wendy Williams, from N.S.W. gave me inspiration for this quilt a "reflective mosaic of cool summer blues and rustic browns".
Materials all found in my depleted material stash.  Hand appliqued, machine pieced and quilted.

'Ute Quilt'
Created by Lorraine
 I made this quilt out of scraps for my husband to take along on those overnight trips where he sleeps in the ute.  White backgrounds and pastels just don't work in this situation.  The scraps cover many, many quilts, most of which I can remember.
Quilt is designed, machine pieced and machine quilted by me.

'Romantic Roses'
Created by Jackie
I saw this quilt in the Patchwork and Quilting magazine, and bought the kit from a shop in Brighton S.A. many years ago, stitched in 2012.
Machine pieced by Jackie
Machine quilted by Judy at Furball Farm Quilting.

'Emptying my Scrap Basket'
Created by Jenny
This quilt represents 3 of my favourite things - English Paper Piecing, scrap quilts.

'The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring'
 Created by Sue
Deborah Kitching's flower block from her book Country Best was the ideal size to take and stitch on my recent train and coach holiday in Australia.  I used bright scraps I had in my stash instead of the country colours Deborah suggested.  I also added borders making the quilt big enough to use as a single bed topper.

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