Friday, November 20, 2009

Our Birthday Celebrations Begin.....

We are all so excited, we are running our Birthday Celebration Giveaway for a week, from now 12.36a.m.  - yeah, I know, I missed the start off, was supposed to be nice and neat, 12.00...........oh well, from now, on  Friday 20th November until 11.00p.m. Friday 27th, our actual Birthday.
Now why are we running our celebrations for a week? well we really want to give everyone a chance to enter and win one of our great prizes, there will be some of these,....

Mini Project Patterns with all that you will need to complete the project,


There are 10, yes 10 of the Sue Andrew Patterns with Charm Packs of 4" squares to get you going on the project.  Sue wrote the patterns for her 4" Charm Packs.

There are various bibs and bobs such as these fabric pretties, there is this terrific tea towel, curtesy of Pam, and other little fabric packs in all guises

and then of course there are gee gaws, gadgets and gizmos, all to be packed up into little bundles and posted off to the lucky winners.

There will be 12prizes in all, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on the blog.
We will be using the Random Number Generator to pick the winners, if however, I manage not to be able to get the generator to work - all things are possible in my world - Your names will be put into something pink and pretty - possibly, if there are lots of names, a pink pudding basin, well, it is pink! otherwise it will be a little pink jug, and it is a little pink jug, so please send a comment, how embarrasement to have to use a little pink jug, it would only take two names...........oh, yes, and Sheila, our group leader will select the winners.

One of our members tried to leave a comment on the last giveaway and was unable, now I know that can happen, but I don't know as an extra there is an e-mail address that you can send your comments to, and if possible your comments will then be posted to the blog.  The email address is buderim dot patchwork @gmail dot com.

So Good Luck to everyone, I hope you all enjoy the fun!
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