Monday, April 9, 2018

We have news!...

...from Sheila and Pat who are having a wonderful time at the A.Q.C in Melb, sharing some lovely pics and words with us via Sheila's ipad.
Thank you Sheila.

a beautiful building

Super new Bernina

Julie Haddricks samples

The descriptions and pics in the second e-mail just don't seem to link up, so I give you Sheila's words and the pics doubt Sheila will explain all when we next see her.

"Modern from USA"

"Lorraine Hunter. Best of Tas". Lorraine was a member of our group before she moved to Tassie.


"Possible workshop made from 2.5" strips"

Challenge "Bridges" by Neroli Henderson

"Exciting at dinner when our tutor Julie Haddrick was awarded Rajah award for 2018. I am exhausted after 2 day workshop. Won't be home till Wed night. Cheers, Sheila"

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