Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Plethora of quilts......

....and something very precious.

"Wow!! What a plethora of quilts!" was the comment from one happy member on arrival yesterday, and she was right, lots of lovely Show and Tell including something precious, ....a loving gift from a Grandie to a Grandma
Marguerite was the lucky Gran, her Grandaughter having crafted this innovative and vibrant scarf, carefully tied at intervals. Isn't Mothers Day the best invention ever..........

Marguerite proudly wearing her scarf, it even has a loop one end to thread the tail through. Perfect!
Val has started her 'Under the Sea' stitcheries, a free BOM from the lovely Cheryl Goss of Willowberry Designs. How about those lips on Frances the Fish!
Lyn started her 'Shattered Stained Glass' in a Diane Johnson class a while back, Lyn started with a black background and appliqued the pieces onto the background, not unlike a mosaic, for a stunning result.
We have had some sneak peaks of Betty's stack and slash QAG over the past few weeks, Lovely to see this stunner completed. Betty defined each fabric by using black bias on the seams and black binding between each block. Betty is putting this one up for sale at the Christmas Fair. Bet it goes out the door quick smart!

Lorraine H has created a lovely quilt for a family member - (nephew? if I can remember correctly). Lots of movement in the 9 patches surrounding the feature fabric panel, this quilt could be a wall hanging or a bed quilt.

The finished disappearing 9-Patch that Lorraine H started in our recent workshop. Lorraine made 9 blocks, your can see most of a spare to the left, to lengthen the square, Lorraine has added a triple sash each end and bordered the whole with one of the fabrics used in the patches.

The day of the disappearing 9 patch workshop, Betty was inundated with photocopying, so wasn't able to take part in the class, luckily the photocopier is in the same room, Betty kept an eye on the proceedings and decided to give the design a go, bringing her version in to show us today.

Val has a friend who simply cannot even sew a button on, no chance of a quilt for a Grandie there! A deal was struck and Val created this ever so cute little quilt and used the leftover fabric to create a floor mat to match......yep, another disappearing 9 patch.
It was then time for our monthly meeting, we often have a 'Star of the Month' given out to someone who has gone the extra mile for members and the group.
This month Fran was the recipent. Now I'd like to say that Fran was a quiet achiever, but there is very little about Fran that is quiet, except the work she does for us. She is always upbeat, and cheery, helps everyone and keeps us amply supplied with shortbread bikkies to die for......there is always a jar of homemade biscuits in the cupboard.
Getting congrats. from Patricia, and telling me about the young 'P' plater who tooted his horn at she and Marguerite on their lunch walk today, it's all about the 'new blonde' they tell me........
I reckon the slit up the side of the skirt had a bit to do with it. Gotta love the 'P' Plater, he made a few peoples day.

I'm a great one for internet ordering, and I've got it pretty well down pat......well, now it the early days the odd blunder or two was made, like ordering a box of Charlotts Web, fusible thread, more thread that one person could use in a lifetime, so when Marie showed interest in the way I was using it I was more than happy to give her a reel, your know, ease the guilt out the door a little.
Today Marie gave me this, isn't it gorgeous?, I love the crocheted frill at each end, it is so pretty and feminine.
Marie was adding the finishing touches when a visitor decided that the scarf was just too cool and ordered 5 in 'Footy Colours' for her football group. Here's Marie, busily knitting up a footy storm.....ugh, that is a really bad pun...sorry.....not even Storm colours.... isn't red and black St. Kilda???
Thank you so so much Marie, I love my beautiful scarf.
Lorraine H does wonderful quilting, particularly on her borders, she agreed to show us just how easy it is to achieve lovely quilted borders.
See that roll in Lorraine's hand?, it's amazing stuff, just look at how intent, Sheila, Ailsa and Betty are!..there is a printed design on the sticky backed paper, just tear off the length, lay it on your border and using your walking foot, sew along the lines.
See the lovely uniform lines on the bottom of Lorraine's quilt? certainly beats trying to draw a design by hand.
Lorraine then showed us her collection of stencils and her quilters ponce, filled with chalk powder you just wipe it over the stencil to leave an easily followed stitching line. The chalk just dusts away.
Lorraine used her stencils and chalk to create this effective border design, marking up one side at a time and then stitching the design before going on to the next border.
And then it was time for arvo tea, the white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes were popular, and the mini bacon and egg pies were just about a no show, someone who had to drive down to Caboolture and back missed lunch, thanks to a truck accident on the Highway, she tucked into the pies before they hit the table. Naughty girl!!
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