Friday, July 19, 2019

Thursday night Gals

Marlene shot me off this delightful pic of the 3 Quilt Show winners, taken together at the Thursday night meeting. Thank you so much Marlene, its great to get some input from this arm of our patchwork group.
The three viewers choice winners of our 2019 Quilt Exhibition
as they stand, left to right.
Fiona, 2nd Prize winner with her intricately hand pieced 'Sally Park'
Pam, 1st Prize winner with her beautifull playful pinwheel beauty 'Black Opal'
Michelle, 3rd Prize winner with her medallion style quilt using a Gustav Klimt panel 'The Kiss'

Congratulations again gals, I'm sure you will all enjoy a trip to the Patchwork Angel to spend your vouchers, (if you haven't already), and just 'cause I know we are all short on that valuable thing, time, here once again for your enjoyment are the 3 beauties.

1st Prize winner, Pam's 'Black Opal'

2nd Prize winner, Fiona's 'Sally Park'

3rd Prize winner, Michelle's 'The Kiss'

Thank you once again Penny and Kim for your voucher donations, great prizes for quilters.
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