Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Quillo for a S.I.L.

Most of yesterdays meeting was taken up with organization and buzz about the upcoming Quilt Show, only a couple of weeks to go now.......eeek, just counted, only 16 sleeps......

But still Sheila has managed to slot in time to make her very luck Son in Law a Quillo to go in his new study. His fave colour is turquoise and he is very fond of birds, I'm sure that's what Shiela said
Another shot of the great fabrics used.

Lyn Ballinger Luncheon

further pics from the Lyn Ballinger Luncheon on 10th. June and Denise's Chanelle, a wonderful Japanese inspired quilt "Oriental Treasures", that she started before she joined us.

Denise showing us some of the quilting on the back of the quilt and the interesting quilt label she made.
Sheila, all organised for the big event with her lovely big smile, Lyn and Tessa in the background deciding if another table would be necessary for the food, yep it was, and they soon had another table all set up and loaded.
These are some of the goodies we had to munch on, there was a second offering of a wonderful array of cakes, tarts and pastries, but when I got there only one little heart biccie was left, and it was delicious!!
Lots of catching up and goss... er ..conversations started off the day
Sheila welcoming our Judge, Pam with a little warm up joke, boy was that contagious, the jokes and puns ran thick and fast.
Pam going through the challenge rules and explaining to us the interpretation she had put on those same rules, gee, there were rules...........?
The ladies from the kitchen, Jackie, Lyn and Tessa with the best possy for a great view of the presentations.
As is usual for these things, 3rd prize was announced first, Heather was a proud winner with her rucksack.
While Heather got Lei'ed, Pam continued with why she chose the 2nd Prize winner
There was a little more discussion, but in the end...............
Inga was announced as 2nd place getter, Inga refused to believe it for a good 2 maybe even 3 seconds
But eventually she stepped forward to receive her prize and get Lei'ed.
First Prize was announced and Janet made it to the front in double quick time,
Some more Pics of the innovative bags, purses and cushions made for the 2009 Challenge.
There will be a raffle at our Quilt Show in July for these lovely bags and cushions. Pencil in the date folks, weekend of 11th and 12th July at the Buderim Craft Cottage, Main Street Buderim - opposite the primary school.
And so, after a luncheon of great food, fun and frivolity we settled down to the business of the day, having fun and quilting and drooling over some finished works.
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