Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cottage Visability on Fair Days

We are all aware of the stories from people who have been unaware of our existence on Fair Days, 'Oh I didn't know you were here' is a common one, or 'Gee, I thought you were just a Tea Room!'.
At our meeting on Wednesday, the situation was yet again broached, with members being asked to put on our thinking caps and come up with some suggestions to improve both our visibility and crowd flow into the Cottage, with that in mind I thought you might find these pics helpful, taken at our recent Easter Fair, at about 9a.m.-  as you all know it gets a lot busier and more crowded as the day wears on.

This first pic was taken from the bottom of the Memorial Hall stairs, we really are not part of the scenery, appearing to be a building beyond the edge of the Fair.
As the tents form a circle it would be natural to assume that what you see is what there is, there is nothing to lead your eye further on.

This pic was taken from the top stair of the Memorial Hall, Our sign is barely visible above the tent, and disappears as you descend the stairs, you have to actually pass the tents to see the sign, and frankly, by that time the eye is more likely to be looking at the tent displays.
The other problem is accessibility, once folks have wended their way down past the tents the access through our gate is often crowded, as people are funneled through a narrow opening.  This makes it difficult for the 'new explorer' to get through, they are then presented with getting through the tea room crowds, another obstacle.

This pic gives an idea of just how screened off we are.                                                        
 Looking from our entrance back into the grassed area.
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