Wednesday, July 5, 2017

2017 Quilt Exhibition - Part Five

Our Cottage is holding the Annual Buderim Winter School this week, so no Patchwork meeting for us--sob sob.
To help us all over the disappointment, here are the last of the Exhibition quilts, but before we zoom down the lines of lusciousness, there are more Very Very Big THANK YOU's to Sue Andrew and her team of helpers for the splendid job they did setting up the exhibition and Wendy Tame and her team of helpers for their equally splendid job running the kitchen and suppyling the delicious eats, without these hard workers the Exhibition would not be the success it was.

Sandy King
'Paris Meets St. Kilda'
I made this quilt in a class conducted by Ann Ferguson. I love the design and have since made another one for a friend.
Pattern design by Ann Ferguson
Quilted by Liz Traynor

Karen Wikman
'Teddies At Play'
Everyone loves Teddies! I really enjoyed doing the embroidery blocks. Then add Lynette Anderson fabrics and what more can you ask for!
Inspired by love of embroidery!
I love the result and hope you do too!
Pattern Design by Libby Richardson
Quilted by Karen Wikman
a closer peek and two of Karen's beautifully stitched blocks.

Marlene Hogan
I had no plans for more poppies until I saw this fabric in spotlight. I saw half of this pattern in an advertisment on Facebook. I took a photo and then did lots of sums
It proved a good exercise for the grey matter.
Pattern design by Marlene Hogan
Quilted by Fiona - 'The Quilting Fairy'

Jackie Swan
'Blue Star'
This quilt looked easy when I saw it on "Pinterest". The best part - I had all the fabric in my stash!
Pattern design by Pinterest
Quilted by Letitica Turner

Lorraine Irvine
'Chain Reaction'
I was reading McCalls Quick Quilts and this one just jumped out at me. I just had to make it
Designed by Audrey Wright
Machine pieced and Quilted by me
Quilted by Lorraine Irvine

Fabric Art, Surface Design, Paper and Fibre Group
The girls from Fibre Art have an exhibition every second year, same as we do, but as the exhibitions are on alternate years the Fiber Arts gals display our annual Lyn Ballinger Challenge at their exhibition and we display their Group Challenge at our exhibition, a great system that suits us all, mind you, over the years these talented ladies have increased the types of mediums they work with and so of course their group's name has also had to expand, encompasing all their many talents

2017 Group Challenge
This year the groups challenge was to contribute to an instillation based on the theme'Seasons'.
Each member had to create leaves or flowers in their chosen medium. These were then used to construct a work which could be used as a window pelment or wall hanging.
The finished work is a credit to the 30 members who contributed. All materials were hand dyed and handmade. Mediums used include, felt, silk, cotton and paper.

Our Mystery Quilt.
On a visit to a local sister quilting group's exhibition many of our members were taken with the display of a mystery quilt the Mooloolah Valley quilters had done, they proudly displayed their quilts on stage showing off the many variations derived from the one pattern. Our members present promptly elected Wendy to co-ordinate and organise a quilt for our group to create, luckily she agreed, mind you, we did get her to say the words 'I agree' before we fessed up to what she had agreed to. Wendy did a stirling job, from a rough sketch of a block given to her by a 'Pinterest' surfing group member she wrote the assembly directions and even gave us a couple of block layout options and quilt sizes. Wendy also decided to make the directions 2.5" strip friendly for those of us wanting to use a jelly roll as well as being easy for those who wanted to do a scrappy quilt. These are the amazing results, we all had a ball creating our quilts. Thank You Wendy, for all of your hard work.

Marion Dempsey
Mystery Quilt
A number of members of the patchwork group at the Craft Cottage were given directions over several weeks by Wendy Tame (Workshop Coordinator) to make a quilt - without seeing the complete design. This is one of them!
Quilted by Marion Dempsey

Yvonne Palmer
Mystery Quilt
This was a fun mystery quilt project by members of the patchwork group under the guidance of one of our enthusiastic members.
I chose Japanese fabrics for this.

Karen Wikman
Mystery Quilt
This was a Mystery Quilt organised by one of our members for the group. It created a lot of interest amongst our ladies.
Portions of the instructions were released at 2 week intervals
A lot of the members participated and we had a lot of fun
Quilted by Karen Wikman

Susan Webb
Mystery Quilt
Along with several others in the group - I followed the instructions given for the Mystery Quilt. I followed the same colour theme throughout and I love the result.
This is a gift for my husband to stay warm during the winter months
Quilted by Karen Doyle

Di Stark
Mystery Quilt
This was a group project that we made over a few weeks
Quilted by Di Stark

Sandy King
The Mystery of Scraps
This quilt was made as a project in our Patchwork Group. I used fabrics I had for the entire quilt and didn't make much of a dent on my stash
Quilted by Karen Doyle

Marlene Hogan
Batik Mystery Quilt
This was a group exercise organised by Wendy Tame over 4 months.
Lots of fun talking and bonding. Thank you Wendy
Quilted by Fiona - 'The Quilting Fairy'

Lyn Solomon
Mystery Quilt
A purely scrappy quilt.
I followed the directions of the mystery quilt challenge.
Quilted by Lyn Solomon

Beryl Darby
Out Of The Stash
Myster quilt from our own Patchwork Group
Helping empty the qulting fabric drawers
Quilted by Beryl Darby

Lorraine Irvine
Mystery for a Service Person
Wendy created a mystery quilt for us to tackle. I found this bundle of gorgeous fabrics from the same fabric range in my cupboard. They had been there for awhile and there was no pattern, no notes or no picture of what they were for.
Because of the different amounts of each fabric with several of the fabrics being the same amount it looked as though I had bought it for a purpose. Well, life gets in the way sometimes and the purpose of these fabrics is long gone. I decided to use them for the mystery quilt then made extra blocks. It will be sent to a person serving somewhere overseas for Australia under the Aussie Hero Quilt program. I hope that someone gets good use from it and knows that they are thought of for the work they are doing for me and everyone else. There is also a matching laundry bag to go with the quilt so it will be easy to find their clean clothes when they come back on the trailer.
Quilted by Lorraine Irvine

Wendy Tame
Mystery Quilt
This is my mystery quilt done with our group in 2016
Quilted by Wendy Tame

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