Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's all go at the Cottage......... the saying goes, you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs, and boy oh boy, do we have broken eggs!! lots of upheaval while the cottage renovations and extension take place, and just to keep things interesting, the Council is sealing the car park!  Thankfully there is a temporary car park created across the road.
One of the first positive things to come from the renovations is the relocation of the Potters wonderful wall mural from inside the Atrium to the external wall by the side entrance, the most often used entrance where it will be visible to everyone passing  from the car park into the cottage or through to the Church next door.  It looks terrific and was certainly the object of much admiration from some school kids and adults yesterday. 
Created by the Pottery Group in 1984 and dedicated to Jeane Cameron it 'Depicts the joining together of the people of Craft Cottage in the love of their craft - the fellowship it creates - and the beautiful environment' - a lovely and so true sentiment!

The Quilts at Show and Tell were all so very lovely, firstly we had two charity quilts from Val made for  'Laurel House' an 'Angels' quilt in vibrant colours....
and a larger string pieced Q.A.Y.G.

Lorraine took over 9 months to get this one from idea to completion, she blames the colour selection!, made from scraps it was originally a 'Take Along' project for her quilting groups, Lorraine tells us that although the blocks were from scraps and therefore 'free' the borders and backing cost a bomb!

Helen also had two quilts to show us, both originated from the one idea in that she bought a lovely Layer Cake and proceeded with stitcheries in complimentary colours.  However, once the stitcheries were completed the Layer Cake colours were far too heavy! which of course meant.............yeah, of course, more fabric had to be isn't that a sad story - not.
Helen's beautiful stitchery quilt, made just for herself, and inspired by a similar quilt made by Julie.
 A closer view of some of the lovely stitcheries by Helen
 The Layer Cake fabrics were much admired by Helen's Stepdaughter, so taking the 'Crossed Kayaks' pattern, Helen created this beautiful quilt for her.

It was day one of June teaching the 'Hidden Wells' quilt, all those doing the quilt bought along their fabric stacks for colour selection help from June - and of course all the other gals had a say as well, great fun was afoot in the front room colours discussed, patterns drafted, and a wee tad of homework to be done.
June also bought this wonderful African inspired quilt that she had made for her 16 yr old Grandson along to show us, all of his favourite earthy colours with animal prints.
June has appliqued tigers across the borders into the quilt body, a very effective and fave trick of hers.
Men at work.........well Men discussing work, 3 Builders/Tradies working out the best way to attack the next step.
and then there are the guys taking out the post and rails edging the car park in preparation for the next step.
You can see the stump from one of the many lovely big shade trees that have been removed in the foreground.
When I think of Buderim I think of lovely big shady Camphor Laurels and Poinciana trees along the streets, sadly these are being phased out, but that's a whole different story!
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