Friday, May 20, 2016

Almost more excitement than a Bunyip can bear!

The Dyeing workshop was so much fun,
There were detailed instructions with a demo...
Lots of pondering for the newbies,
while the more experienced, like Sheila, knew all the tricks and ploughed straight in.

Courtney was curious, so Lainey 'outfitted her in dye protection', (draped her in a towel) and set her up to watch Sheila.

Courtney got the Dyeing bug and had a go for herself, creating a really pretty piece, Lainey hung it on the official Cottage Dyeing Drying Line, a spare tree in the carpark, so it was all set to go home with Courtney.  What will she create from it? Lainey is plumbing for a cute little pinnie, could be!
Some gals painted or scrunched in a tray, some even added a layer of salt
While others went for the plastic bag and jar immersion technique.
Can't wait for next week to see the finished pieces.  Thanks Sue for a great time and informative lesson.

Elsewhere in the Cottage the rest of the gals were carrying on as usual, some were just carrying on, it was great to see Cheryl back with us and Louise also popped in to say Hi.  Great to catch up with this lovely lady whom we all miss.

Julie was working on some buttonhole applique blocks in a beautiful soft femine palette, this will be another Charity quilt, for Project Linus.
Bit of a confession surfaced, Julie loves doing the Linus quilts because....she doesn't do the quilting!!
Yeah, really, doesn't like the quilting journey! the lady who runs the local Linus group has a longarm and is only too happy to do the quilting! Win, Win.

Sue W had one more secret squirrel handed in up until one of those rareties, a Hubby in the Cottage, arrived with another secret parcel.  Not too many days left now ladies!

 Remember this piece Karen was working on?
Finished! So so pretty, adorable really!
All scrappies from the stash, except the zipper, and yes, it too is pink!
But how about the zipper puller?, a little flower embroidered on either side, two halves joined with an embroidered Palestrina stitch and a plaited floss zipper pull.

Karen found the dome button at Lynette Anderson's Little Quilt Store in Marcoola.  Karren did tell me what she used but I forgot, a simple enquiry to the store got me heaps of info. from the lovely Summer.  The dome buttons not only come in assorted sizes, but you can also use just one half to stitch to a project, or team it with a strap parts pack to use as a zipper pull as Karen has done. 

Karen is still working on her Shashiko piece, looking forward to seeing the finished item.

Some exciting news, Sheila won a bronze medal in her Swim Meet last week, and she has promised to bring her medals along to share with us. 'Maybe I might one day' can be a promise, right? right!!

And lastly, a 'heads up' for Wendy and a bit of excitement in my sewing room.
It's arrived.

from the ever so helpful Deanne of Fabric Pixie my fabrics for Homespun magazine's Foxley Village B.O.M. have arrived.  Deanne cuts the fabrics to a supplied layout so you get just what you need for this great project, the fabrics even come with the corresponding letter labels as per the magazine.
Deanne also mentioned that her store is planning on continuing to cut the kit packs or even part packs for as long as gals want to order them, so if you are having problems sourcing the Tilda Fabrics for Foxley Village, pop over to see Deanne.
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