Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog Up-Date and re-organise.

Blogger now allows you to have stand alone pages for static information, what this means is that the information is always available and easily accessed by just clicking on the link.  We are now in the process of making this part of our blog.

You will notice that just under our blog header there has appeared a few tabs, clicking on any one of them will take you to a static page of our blog to catch up on information we often refer to, so far we have:
Biennial Quilt Show - self explanatory,

Winning Quilts, - let me know if you enter any of your work in any shows, its not always about winning - entering is part of the journey, we patchworkers  are a pretty diverse group, so any work entered will be welcome.

Lyn Ballinger and Challenge - need a better tab heading for this one - this page is being assembled, not much to show at the moment but will give our story about Lyn and about how the Challenge came into being.

Group Equipment - There will be a post going up soon on all the equipment we have available for our use - the static page will be fully updated asap so when you need a tool for a job, check out what the group has available.

and Lastly there is a Home tab, this will always take you back to the current blog page.
We will be able to post 10 stand alone pages, so if you have a suggestion, send me an e-mail or drop a word in the old shell pink some Wednesday.
Enjoy the exploration and please know, these tabs will be updated and polished - heck gals, I just figured out  how to do it......
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