Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sashiko, knitted Teddy and a vibrant beauty...

...just some of the lovely items for you this week.
Courtney has been bitten by the knitting bug, she is working on an all in one knitted teddy, just beginning to take shape.

Wendy had Pizazz to share, yep, and a quilt named 'Pizazz' as well, spotted at a recent local quilt show Wendy just couldn't resist, a rather intriguing arrangement using 9 patch, 1 patch, logs and extra large one patch to showcase some really special fabric.  This pattern would be just the ant's pants for one of those fabrics that are just too lovely to cut or, as Wendy has used, a large scale print.
Wendy followed through with the 9 patches design by using 2.5" squares for one of the borders.

A dear friend of Lyn's. who is on the move, not just out of town but out of the state, is also having a birthday next week, two jolly good reasons to make her a remembrance quilt.  Sonia is very fond of elephants and has quite the collection, now with an elephant quilt in her favourite colours for her to treasure.
Lyn was thrilled to find this cute elephant print for the backing.

Lots of work continuing with the Charity quilts, and although what looks like a small mountain of fabric walks out the door and returns as quilts, I can tell you there doesn't seem to be much of a dent made in the overall stash.
Val, Debbie and 'she who is hiding behind Val', were hard at work measuring out the wadding for completed flimseys that will then go home to return as finished quilts.

June, who has found some extra time in her life said "Pick out some purples, mauves and some reds that will work together and I will make one".  Well, Beryl did just that, sending off a great collection of fabrics that resulted in these, 2 stunning flimseys and a W.I.P.
same simple design, different fabrics and colour placement gives a different look

Square Triangles, a new block pattern that looks remarkably like a H.S.T.block, sashed for a different layout for this promising beauty.  June reckoned she had just the right fabric for the sashing, it's just that for the moment she has misplaced the rest of it....
Good thing she has a bit of a full calendar and those flimsys to quilt, takes the pressure off the search, 'cause we all know about searching the stash for that fabric we just know we have tucked away somewhere!

Two strip pieced charity quilts from Val, on with ric-rac over the joining seams to add some visual interest and the second, also strip pieced with a silhouette giraffe appliqued to the quilt.

Finally finished with the batting measuring and cutting, Val took her seat to settle down to hand quilting what promises to be another stunning quilt.  Purchased 2 years ago at a quilt show, Val finished off the Sashiko embroidery in double quick time, but then came the laying out of the blocks, a totally different story, Val reckons she needed to be a maths genius, well it may have taken time but from the looks of things, success was hers.
Looking forward to seeing this one out of the hoop!

Christine was also busily stitching a Sashiko design.  The kit, also bought at a quilt show, and again, also a few years ago, was the result of one of those 'brain fever frenzies' that have been know to take hold of we quilters when we get quilt show sensory overload.  Christine reckons that it was a bit of a surprise to open her packet of loveliness and discover what really lay within.

Lorraine's Grandie has moved into her very own room, for which she has chosen a purple theme, Lorraine knew she had just the thing and resurrected (not to mention, completed)  this great wall hanging for her lucky Grandie. 
The wall hanging is all about 'My Garden',  choc full of interesting snippets and eye candy, a cute poem and a clever array of 3-D flowers.
Lorraine gave a brief 'how to' on those amazingly tactile flowers with the button centers.  Mind you, no maths was offered, so just try it and adjust as desired... b.t.w....don't you love that word 'desired', as in 'quilt as desired', cut to 'desired length' etc. etc.
After you cut the length of fabric, as long as you think will be necessary to form a circle flower, fold the length of fabric in half lengthwise, cut edges together.  Cut from the folded edge in toward the cut edges at 1/8th to 1/4" gaps,  making sure to leave at generous 1/4" seam allowance along the cut edges.  When length is snipped, use a running stitch to stitch a straight line end to end, just inside the seam allowance, pull up the thread and the fabric will curl into a circle, forming a flower, take a securing stitch on back of flower.  Stitch to quilt and then stitch a button into the center.  Cute huh??

Last pic to share, Lorraine and Gwen holding up this pillow sham.....starting to get an idea of what is in store for the Quilt Show raffle quilts??? To to delicious, just take a peek at that hand quilting!

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