Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Those Scrappy Quilts are getting smaller...

well, not the quilts so much as the bits, I mean, really, just look at these tiny pieces,
Pat 'woman's' the sales desk in our Atrium a couple of times a month and of course wants a quilting project to work on in the down time.  She has set herself a project, a quilt to hopefully be completed by our next quilt show. stitched from the tiniest pieces to form these little block parts.
Now just let your mind run wild with what this full size quilt is going to be.  Yep I've seen the pattern, and its mind blowing! but Pat is keeping it a secret just for now, will try to bring you more snippets as the quilt unfolds.
And just before we leave Pat beavering away, how cute is this...
was so taken with the tinsy little pieces I totally missed this mini pin cushion in a cotton reel.

Lorraine is also going for the scrappy ideas, she has joined the Thursday night gals in the creation of the 'Green Tea and Sweet Beans' quilt and was working busily away on hexies this arvo
Lorraine reckons getting the harder blocks out of the way first is the way to go, then its a downhill run.
The almost completed block of hexies.
The front cover of Jen Kingwell's book Green Tea and Sweet Beans.  Lorraine just had to have this book after seeing some of the work done by the Thur Gals.  Can you see the Hexies Block hiding in there?

And now a Christmas mystery story
At one of our recent Christmas Fetes, Patricia's Darling spotted a lovely Christmas Wall Hanging and bought it.  
A regular visitor to Patricia's home greatly admired said Wall Hanging, 
Patricia decided to do some sleuthing through the fair records and found that her much loved hanging was created by Marie, who then chased down a Christmas Panel and created this lovely just in time for Patricia's friend to hand on her wall for Christmas
Gotta love a happy ending.

Gwen has also been bitten by the scrappy bug, so badly that she has vowed that she is only going to create from her scrap bag for the next year!
This is #1, and Gwen tells us there is another not too far away.
Kinda wondering if Gwen's scrap bag is pretty close to other peoples 'Stash", just kinda a little more, well, scrappy.
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