Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lyn Ballinger Challenge Luncheon and Winners

The wonderful array of 'Challenge entries'.
The challenge criteria was to celebrate Queensland's 150th. Birthday, the motto 'Queensland, beautiful one day, perfect the next' and to take into consideration our tropical environment. We were to make either a 'bag' or a 'cushion'. I just loved the cute little pincushion at the bottom of the pic. It was a fun challenge and if anyone is in Buderim for the 'Big Buderim Bash' on weekend of 20th and 21st June, pop into the Cottage to view the wonderful array.

A Correction: Sorry folks, my mistake, The Lyn Ballinger Challenges will only be raffled at our Quilt Show on the 11th and 12th July, at the Big Buderim Bash on June 20th and 21st, we will be selling raffle tickets in the two lovely Charity Quilts.

It was such a great day yesterday, It all ran beautifully thanks to the hard work done behind the scenes by Group Leader Sheila, Challenge organisers Janet and Sue and in the Kitchen, Elaine with her helpers Tessa and Lyn.

The day started off with a lovely luncheon, there were sandwiches galore, salmon, turkey & Brie, Beef and Sun dried tomato, Chicken and Walnut, Asparagus rolls, pate on delicious bread, smoked salmon on a creamy cheese base.0 on crisp biccies, there were meatballs, 2 different types of mini quiches, tender pastries, tiny sausage rolls, little pies, no not 'party pies' tender little morsels of beef wrapped in pastry, pate and biccies, ohh it was all so delicious, and then the desserts arrived, patty cakes, tarts, cakes, whipped cream and fruit platters.

While we were polishing off the desserts with coffee the fun began, but I will have to tell you more about that in 3 days time.........why? I hear you ask..........well the Internet problems that we are having are going to be resolved then. It has taken a few hours just to load these few pics

As is usually in these things, 3rd Prize was announced first,
Heather made this innovative rucksack, note the large yellow frangipanni flower at the top right, it's actually a name tag, flip it over and there is a printed tag.........

Then 2nd Prize was announced,
Inga used the challenge fabric to make the lattice on the bag,the stripes on the handles and the 3 little flowers.

Then the big moment arrived, the winner of the Lyn Ballinger Challenge, with this beauty is
Jeanette, she really did read the challenge rules

The winners, the organisers and the Judge.

Pam was presented with a box of beautiful fresh tropical fruits, which she was happy to tell us will come in very handy this weekend, as she and her Darling will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary in Brisbane.

If the invite is anything to go by, it will be a real wing ding, there was a wedding day pic on the inside of the invite, and on the back was a copy of the newspaper article of their wedding. Really Cool Invites Pam.
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