Sunday, February 15, 2015

Some great creations

Look what Marie created!
Her fab. version of Neroli Hendersons 'Cherry Blossom'.  Marie, pulled her little quilt over a painters canvas for ease of hanging, what a great idea!
There was a great deal of excitement when the latest edition of Embellish hit the stands (Edition 20 if you want to get your own copy - I got mine from Punch with Judy
There is an entire workshop from Neroli,  step by step pics and great instructions on one of her workshops.
We have the opportunity to do 3 other workshops with Neroli in the upcoming Buderim Craft Cottage Winter School all using different techniques.

Deanne is also in experimental phase, experimenting with sun reactive dyes,  using weeds with their root systems intact (top right), leaves, bits of plants and scrunching.  she has some great background pieces.

Lainey has also been busy, commissioned to create 2 bags, slightly different sizes, both purpose built for two young lassies
Becoming impatient with having to once again clean off her light box before use, she created this cover, with pockets to store cables and suchlike.
Becoming a Great Aunty once again, Lainey is creating a rather cute alphabet quilt for the lucky littlie.

Wendy has completed her version of 'Leannes House'.  Several of the group have been working on the same pattern, the object being to display how an individuals choice of colours and even minor changes creates an entirely different look.  Keep an eye out for the different quilts in our up coming Quilt Show and Sale over the July 10th - 12th Friday and weekend
a closer look at some of Wendy's blocks.
Fae has completed another lovely quilt, 2.5" squares, stacked and sashed.

Someone didn't want to fess up to crocheting at patchwork so.....a 'secret squirrel' pic of what promises to be a lovely face washer, could it be for the new Grandie?

Marcia, working on those 1/2" hexies of hers.
Don't they look delish?
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