Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More on the Disappearing 9 patches

Just because she can, Sheila decided to investigate the Disappearing 9 patch variations, making these 3 blocks to show different layouts creating completely different blocks and quilt effects.

Wendy finished her disappearing 9 patch, started at last weeks workshop. She backed it with a rather nice plaid, you can just see it peeking out from the fold. Wendy thought perhaps this quilt could live its life as a picnic quilt..........don't you just love picnics on a quilt!
Sue is busily 'Flirting with Flowers', the 'Free for a Month' BOM from Vicki of 'Tozz's Corner'.
Oh. and Sue did ask me to mention........the pimple on the Daisy leaf, not a pimple at all, its gonna be a Lady Bug!..

"Don't forget to tell everyone about my seams" is the instruction from Ja`. She has been working on her version of the Disappearing 9 patch with some guidance and help from Lorraine I.
Lorraine shared a really cool way to make sure (and I do mean sure) that your seams intersect perfectly everytime. It involves using 3 pins at each point..... Check 'em out, all of them perfect!
Oh and talking of handy hints, Lorraine H. gave us a beauty about easily getting your floss through even the smallest needle eye.
Courtesy of tutor Jenny, Lorraine astounded us with this revelation, don't thread your needle...........Needle Your Thread!......sounds bizzare?, but it works beautifully, catch your floss between finger and thumb, leave just a little protruding, short is best here, and bring the needle eye to the thread, it slips over easily, everytime.

I was so busy perfecting threading, I forgot to get a pic of Lorraine's flimsey, such a pretty little scrap quilt, containing quite a few pieces left over from her Granddaughters previous quilts. As soon as her Granddaughter clapped eyes on it she decided it was just what she needed for a summer quilt!, no batting please, top and backing only.......what a brilliant idea! Hopefully Lorraine will bring the finished quilt in next week.......Please Lorraine?!

Arvo Tea was delish, wonderful Apple Cake with fresh whipped cream and those shortbreads, Heaven on a stick..........Yummo.
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