Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easter Fair Preparations............

O.M.Gosh!..........did you notice?, its only 2 weeks to Easter and the Easter Fair?!?, where has the time scooted off too?.

Thankfully, Easter isn't a surprise to the rest of the group who have been beavering away making sure that there are going to be lots of goodies available for the Fair sales.

Our BOM is slowly growing, with another convert today, some of the group just couldn't wait to skite and let it be know that they are up to block 2, while the rest of us think we are doing pretty well o.k. having finished.......well finished-ish block 1.
Wendy was putting the finishing touches on a block, with the Suffolk Puff flowers, 
This is going to be one really cute quilt, and hopefully after the Easter Fair we will get more of the group joining us.

Marguerite and Fran are both busy with needle and thread this week, Fran is hand quilting  her Hexagons and Marguerite is doing 'satin stitch, just satin stitch', on some rather cute doilies,
a little closer view of Marguerite's doily
Catty, has made some really lovely baby bibs, and on a dare, modeled one for us while holding the others up for us to see.

Some time ago, Marcia was doing some tinsy little crocheted 'granny squares', intricate - yes, sweet - yes, very, but to what end? what on earth can you do with tinsy little granny squares?, well, thankfully some people have lots of imagination, 'cause this is what Marcia made with those little crocheted squares,
this divine scarf, and while we were all oooh-ing, aahh-ing, goo-ing and ga-ing one of the girls piped up and told us that she had seen a similar scarf in a boutique not so long ago...........and I tell you, if Marcia sells her scarf for half that amount we all want to be treated to coffee and cake at that ritzy Coffeehouse down the road - I kid you not!
Here's a closer view, the whole scarf is only about 4" wide, those squares are small, the stitches, tiny.

Val has finished assembling and quilting her Row x Row  and bought the finished quilt in to show us today,
full of wonderfully vibrant colours, Val also introduced a range of 3-D blocks into her quilt, such as these 2 blocks
Marcia is also a member of the Machine Embroiders group where she stitched these lovely little squares,
bringing them along to patchwork to hem by hand and to assemble them into this luscious bag,
Sheila, has a much loved similar Shasiko bag that she made in a previous workshop, about 10 years previous, that although it is holding up extremely well, it has faded, as blue tends to, Sheila thought she might do a little swapsie, and for sure Marcia just wouldn't notice, didn't work out, Marcia was onto Sheila in a flash.........

Arvo tea was delish again, with Lorraine and Jackie making a yummy moist orange cake and biccies that must have been just great, 'cause they flew off the plate and I dipped out .........again.......sniffle-sob, but the cake was yummo..

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