Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Maree's Recipes

Maree gave me this really cute page printed from her personal recipe book, so am including it here as an update. To view the recipe, place your cursor over the page and 'left click', that is click the left hand side of your mouse. The page will then pop up in its original size. Just use your back button on the toolbar to go back to the post.

I have also updated the original post to include the recipe for 'Chippies', the lovely cheese biccies we enjoyed that day.

To access the older post, just go to 'Blog Archive' in the right hand side bar,

Place your mouse over the sideways pointing arrow for April (8) and click once,
The drop down menu for the 8 postings for April will appear.
Place your mouse on the posting title that you want, in this case Quillo Workshop and that posting will appear, scroll down to the recipes, about midway through the post.

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