Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Morphology with Carol Wilkes and Svenja

They arrived!, they came!, they are here!,
yep, the excitement has been building waiting for these to arrive.
The front and the reverse of the cards advertising the new Carol Wilkes and Svenja Showing.
Carol, who was one of the Tutors in the recent 'Winter Workshop' at the Cottage just happened to mention that she was ever so busy getting ready for a Gallery Showing, well of course we all wanted the details, a chance to view more of Carol's work isn't something to be missed.
Carol was most enthusiastic about Svenja's work, and now we can see why, this is stunning, Carol's references to fungi now make sense, very beautiful sense.
And a sneak peek of Carol's work, there are more of Carol's pieces featured in the June 28th posting for you to check out although Carol hinted that the Gallery pieces were all different to the work she had to show us at the Workshop, just can't wait for the opening.
For all the info I have cropped the back of the card as well as the front. See you there!!

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