Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Freebies

Its almost Monday and another Gum Tree Designers freebie will be making it's appearance, so exciting, I can hardly wait, but wait one must.
and to help with the waiting and just for fun, I collated this pic of the 5 giveaways so far, aren't they just the best?, and such a selection of designs, no excuses this year for not having beautiful hand made pressies under the tree for everyone.
Yep I know, there are 6 pics but that is just how it goes, sometimes things have just got to be in even numbers. And why I hear you ask didn't I wait until Monday to play with these lovely pics?, so there would be 6 different goodies, well I know that come Monday I am going to be a wreck, yep the Grandies are on their way as we speak, and this weekend it is going to be a double sleepover............ohh the youngest is going to be so happy, he has been trying to get two sleepovers in a row for years.
So go spoil yourself if you haven't already, and visit the Gum Tree Designers site or any of the 9 designers by clicking on their buttons in our sidebar.

1 comment:

Tozz said...

I am so pleased you are happy with all the free patterns we are putting out there...It is lovely to see all our buttons on your blog and you have no idea how exciting that is. We have all chatted about how wonderful you are and love your blog :) hugs hugs

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