Thursday, November 19, 2009

The first Row x Row sandwiched and our Birthday Giveaways

Lorraine H, leader of the Thursday night group was busily sandwiching her Row x Row  at yesterdays meeting, making full use of the clamps we recently purchased.

 Just an aside for those who are not locals, that sepia print behind the tables, that is a print of a sketch of the original home of  Buderim Craft Cottage..........its rather an interesting story of the birth and growth of the 'Cottage' as it's affectionally called, will have to fill you in one day.

'Scuze the digression, the clamps are easy to use with a squeeze closed action

To open just squeeze the release trigger under the top handle as Lorraine is doing in this pic.

As you can see the clamps open pretty wide, certainly wider than needed to use with the quilt pinning tables, all we need now is to have the tables raised to make pinning easier.

  The clamps are in our Library, and are not only for use at the cottage, but can also be loaned out for a week.

Lorraine kindly folded back her sandwich to show the plastic table top, no more pins digging into the tables, and how about that backing, isn't it the cutest, Lorraine got it from Hancocks..........on a freight free promotion!...........ya gotta love Hancocks!

No Show and Tell yesterday, the Christmas Fair is on next weekend, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th November, everyone is just taking a breather or hurridly putting in the last stitches of just one more goodie for sale.  If you are in our neck of the woods, do pop in and say Hi, we would love to meet you 'in the flesh'.

Oh yes, almost forgot.................Our giveaway starts tomorrow and will run until the following Friday, the 27th, our official birthday, we are giving ourselves a birthday party at the cottage on Friday morning, with cake and all, yum.

Wow, you should see the goodies I have sitting on my desk, all for you lucky readers, there are patterns, patterns with hand dyed charm packs to start you off, mini project patterns with everything you need to complete it, oh and a few other things as well..........can't tell you everything now can I,

Will let you know the 'rules' of how to enter tomorrow....


Tozz said...

I love your clamps you use and the tables...oh I wish I had them as well...crawling around on the floor is just the pits!! Your giveaway birthday celebrations sounds wonderful and I will be checking in to the party :)Wish I was near to call in :) hugs Vicki

Joy said...

Those clamps are terrific - not to mention the gorgeous quilt that's being pinned, what beautiful work!!! Where did you get the clamps??? I bet our quilt group would benefit from having some of those in the library too :o)!!!
Joy :o)
PS, looking forward to your birthday giveaway ... what fun!!! :o)

Wendy B said...

I'm with Joy and Vikki...those clamps are a super idea!!!!....saves masking tape! I love the tables too....floors too hard on your knees....I always wait to go to guild meetings to use their tables....much easier!!
I'll be checking in tomorrow for birthday early happy birthday to you all!
XX sugary hugs. 'o)

Julie G. said...

Those clamps look wonderful. Would they be suitable for use on a standing hand-quilting frame? I have the frame (enormous) all set up; I have the quilt top all finished; I have the middle, I have the backing: all I lack is a clue as to how to put it all together for hand quilting. Did I mention I'm highly technologically challenged?
Julie G.

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