Thursday, April 29, 2010

Using our Blog

A couple of 'Heads Up' on making the most of our blog.

At the bottom of each post there is a line stating: Posted by Andrea at (time) comments.

Click on the word 'comments' and a new window will open. You can then view what messages other bloggers have left for us.
If you want to leave a comment (something nice about a friends quilt or work, a thank you for a tutor, anything at all) it is a matter of making sure you have an easily identifiable identity, I tend to use a g-mail address, I found it to be simpler, that's just me. I just open my g-mail account, minimise it and go to the blog I want to read and comment on.

Some blogs have word verification for security reasons, some do not. I took our off to make it easier for folks to comment. So far we are fine.

Finding your work.....did you know that on the left hand side of our blog there is a wealth of information?, constantly changing and being re-arranged, information?(opps, that would be the right hand side(it was late))

Currently under the Sewn banner (A big round RED DOT), there is a FIND YOUR SHOW AND TELL QUILTS QUICKLY AND EASILY section.
Scroll through this and you will find your name with a number (how many items you have bought in to show and tell)
Click on your name, a new page will open, the same Blog Banner - that is the same pic of quilts at the top of the blog will still be there, just scroll down and you will see all the posts your show and tell are featured in. You scroll down through those posts to see your show and tell.

Please girls, use the scroll button, often you think something isn't there and it is just a short scroll away.

Also, if you think a post is missing, try again a little later. I never, but NEVER delete a post or part of a post, if however there is a problem with Blogger, that is out of my control, but I have not ever come across a missing single post, or found any reference to it on any Blogger forum.

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Judie Bellingham said...

Hello Buderim Patchwork. Thought you might like to see an update on the World's Biggest Hexagon Quilt. It was on show at the Queensland Quilters Inc Picnic on Tuesday 11th May and I have written an article and posted photos.

Here's the link to that article:

Cheerio for now
Judie Bellingham

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