Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Walk through the Cottage on Fair Day Part One.

As you arrive at the Cottage, the very first thing you are welcomed by is the ever friendly girls from the Tea Room, ready to make you cuppa with a plate of something yummy to get the energy levels up for what lays ahead.
First room of the Cottage you enter is the Atrium, a lovely high ceilinged room, the silversmiths tables lay before you, the Atrium walls are loaded with a great array of different style paintings.
It was just before opening, Silversmith Leader Irene was casting a last critical eye over her work, making sure everything was just so and beautifully displayed.
The Silversmith group has added another string to their bow, now working in gold as well as using large and beautifully set stones.
More on Silversmiths and Painting later, I'm impatient to see the Patchwork girls display, so dash past the Raffle table, past the Caligraphy display, sadly no pics of Caligraphy - copyright issues.  A quick glimpse at the wonderful work that the Spinners and Weavers group do, Leader Dorothy and her helper both declining, with much laughter, to be photographed 'yet again'.
Such an an array of beautifully knitted bags, headwear of all styles, dolls and doll clothes, beautifully worked brooches, shawls, scarfs.............
wraps, bed jackets, felted bags, booties, baby bonnets and baby wear - the little knitted jump suits are divine.

Scooted past Pam, all set and ready at the Needlwork Cashiers table, with a range of the ever so tasty chutneys and jams that she makes to raise cottage funds.  This is a year long project of Pam's and she has been doing it for quite a few of them, getting produce donations from members and friends.
Turned hard left to the Patchwork room..................oh! what a vibrant and beautiful kaleidoscope of designs and colour greet the eyes.
To the left this beautiful tessellated quilt
hanging on the wall behind it, a block quilt with curved piecing.
On the wall to the right, these lovelies, beautiful butterfly quilt and Lorraine H's mirrored quilt using those lovely oriental prints.
A better view of the throw below them, machine embroidered butterflies and applique.
The room is an L shape, so there is always a surprise around the corners,
The walls were hung with such a variety of beautiful and beautifully worked quilts
the tables were groaning under more smaller quilts, baby throws, toys and cushions

There were lovely patch-worked heat bags, table runners, wall hangings of all sizes and styles
The cutest little bags full of easter eggs, teddies as wall hangings or the cuddly kind, botanical print cushions, and more bags than you could imagine, it always amazes me just how many of these are made for every fair, not only our group, but any group that works with fiber.  And they sell......hoo boy..... how they sell, they just walk out the door, often stuffed full of other goodies.
A beautifully soft 4 Patch and 1 patch combined quilt of pink roses, next to a striking quilt with the sharpest points, go on, click to enlarge and check it out, not a point out of place!, pot mitts, map bags, gift bags, trivets more cushions including the softest chenille cushion, soft colours and lovely to cuddle into.  Yep, I gave it a tinsy test drive, and a lovely colour wash cushion.

Found these Babushka style dolls nestled amongst the kiddies quilts on a table.
Table runners and more gift bags, garden gloves and that lovely colour wash cushion, with a lovely fresh blue and white cushion in front.
More of the cushions, a lovely Toile quilt, so many differently designed quilts and even a few Christmas designs for those who want to get going for Christmas in July
And lastly, these lovelies, a beautiful pictorial quilt, table runner,  quilt as you go and others.
And so on through to the Fabric Artists section, for an aladdin's cave of beautiful jewel coloured silks in all manner of guises.
Leader Lyn, on the right and her lovely helper, took time from their last minute preparations  to pose by these fabulous pieces,
Two softly flowing tops with such an array of goodies on the table below, there are cute little chickens to pop around your home, silk jewelry, bags, journal covers, scarves both on the table and hanging on the board by the tops.
More of those beautiful scarves and wraps.
Luscious painted and quilted tote, purses, wallets and beaded journal cover.
Beaded, floral and appliqued evening bags.
This gold stenciled Tote with the fringe is just stunning

More fabulous clothing, bags, totes, glasses cases, bookmarks and gifts.

More, more, more of everything, the cute kitties and chickens would be just lovely sitting by the bedside, or maybe on a table runner.

And so back down into the main room of the Cottage to view the stunning needlework being offered for sale.
These stunning framed works, bridal horseshoes, a lovely gift set of Tissue case, covered note book and lavender bag, gift sets of face washer and soap.
Ever so feminine embroidered nighties of all sizes, more tissue covers and lingerie bags
Coat hangers, booties, both felt and knitted, pram mobiles, baby toys, coat hangers, bed roll cushion, keepsake boxes and hand towels, wonderful ribbon rose cushions.
Embroidered Bunny Rugs, stitched quilt cover, no wonder this happy shopper has such a beautiful smile
The beautiful lilly thread paining was a tutorial that Helen taught the girls, some framed theirs, Helen did other flowers and framed hers in a vertical frame, I'm told it is stunning, and one of the girls turned hers into this beautiful tote.
How special would your guests feel being presented with this lovely hand towel and washer to use.
The lovely work done by Porcelain Painters, Lace and Tapestry, Machine Embroiders Pottery, Painters, more of the beautiful jewelry from Silversmiths and Carol with the Plants are on the post labeled as the Fair Day Continuation.  Just scroll down to the next section or post.


Di's Quilting and Craft said...

WOW! What an amazing array of goods. Wish I could have been there. Your groups are so productive and all the work looks exquisite.

Joy said...

Oh what beautiful handwork!!! Goodness, so much eye candy ;o)!!!
Joy :o)

Anonymous said...

О! I just added your web page to my favorites. I like reading your posts. Thanks!

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