Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A WIP in WA, workshop, help given and a wonderful Charity effort.....

.....gosh, we are spread about, aren't we? so many projects, so many learning curves.  This is the time of year, after the Easter Fair and way before we start to think about Christmas, that I really enjoy, lots of new techniques tried and investigated, workshops, both formal and informal.  A good time for all.
Sheila is back from her family hols, great stories of wonderful family times at the beach, and Ja` is back from her break away, although she has stitched some great tessellated blocks on her break and bought them along today for a little layout advice.

Betty was up to her ears in admin jobs, but gave me a sneak peek at these two blocks, a QAYG stack and slash, lovely oriental fabrics joined with black bias,
Betty has used a different machine stitch to quilt each block section, although the same stitch for the same section on each block.....does that make sense?  See the Blue Koi above, they are quilted with a meandering stitch....
and the same block section, the burgundy with purple flowers, is also quilted with a meandering stitch.  Clear as Mud??
Some of the interesting stitches that Betty has used.
 Eventually there will be 9 patches transformed into a beautiful quilt.

Do you remember this lovely lady??
of course you do.....the talented and giving Judy Bellingham came along and gave us an informative and logical talk on Copyright back in June 2009 enforcing the view that really, what it all boils down to, is plain old fashioned good manners...
....well in the spirit of giving, Judy is launching the Sunshine Coast chapter of the Linus Project - a project started over 20 years ago in America to give blankets to children in hospital.
This project is not just for accomplished quilters... as Judy's Press release asks us :-

'Have you ever thought of making quilts for children and others in need who live in your own community?'

'Are you interested in being involved in the creation of quilts for those in need, even though your not an experienced patch worker?'

'Do you have a stash of patchwork fabrics that you no longer need and would like to donate with a view to helping others?'

The Sunshine Linus group is holding its inaugural monthly gathering on:
Monday 7th June 2010
at the Patchwork Angel Patchwork Shop, Mons Road, Forest Glen
The gathering will commence at 9:30a.m. and finish at approx. 2:30p.m.
You will need to take along: Your Lunch; your great ideas; your enthusiasm, and your willing fingers.
A wonderful and worthy effort, do toddle along if you can,... meet Judy and other gals from the area.

My mobile rang while at the cottage....yeah, I know......almost unbelievable......must be 30 years since it last rang....
It was a call from Heather, way over in W.A., well that mobile phone went from Marcia, to a big halloo from Wendy, to a bit of a goss in the carpark with Gwen......
When I finally got home Heather and I started chatting on Skype, great invention that, Heather had many interesting tales to tell, of Red Bulls and planes landing on the front lawn!!??  but the best bit of news was this wonderful WIP, a 'quilt to be' for her Son

Not a real good pic, ... it was my first go at the Skype 'take a pic' thingy.......I was lucky to find the blessed saved file, really I was.  So, ...what you are seeing,  - the left of the pic is the unit's  living room, then the WIP, well, at least a fair whack of it, and that little elfin face peeking around the WIP edge, well, of course that is Heather.  Heck folks, I have to tell you that the colours on the Skype screen were so much richer.

Marcia is finally going to explain the intricacies of the Disappearing 9-Patch to us in a workshop on 28th April.  It's suggested you pre-cut your 9 patch squares prior to the tutorial.  See the notice board for details...
Janice made this version to bring in to show us.

And then gals, it was time  for arvo tea,
See that pikelet, that one right at the bottom of the plate, he he he,....mine!!, I grabbed that goodie as I scooted out the door.  Sadly, no talking 'round the tea pot today...had to go shop, Yeah! of course fabric!

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