Saturday, May 8, 2010

Patsy Thompson and 'The Quilt Show'

Sue sent me a heads up to watch a video on 'The Quilt Show' presented by Patsy Thompson on spray basting a quilt on a wall !!?! And it's Brilliant!
Although we have a great set up at the Cottage sometimes you just need to sandwich a quilt at home, and sometimes that is easier said than done, what with tables not co-operating or the sewing table/sandwiching table being under a pile of WIP/UFO's etc know what I'm saying here....
Anyway, I noticed a little icon flash up on the video, 'Embed' it said, well I didn't have to get a second I did!

The video is part of a Free Motion Quilting set of lessons that are being made available on 'The Quilt Show' with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.
pop over to their site on the link above for a great offer, just $20 for 6 months of episodes and these great free motion video lessons.
O.K. now I'm off, to spend my 20 bucks............hope you all enjoy the video.

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