Friday, June 18, 2010

The Quilters Store - Brissy

The Quilters Store in Brisbane is having an internet sale, ends of bolts ranging from min half meter to maximum 2 meters.
Idea is you buy what is on the bolt, fabrics are from all over their shop and the discount is 35%.

Sale starts on Saturday June 19th. at 6.ooa.m. AEST on their website, and will run until Monday June 21st. There will be a new button appear at 6.00a.m. on their site.  go to

The e-mail with all the info is rather long, so if you need more info give me a tingle, my number is in our phone list, or phone the very nice and ever so helpful Karen from the Quilters' and Embroideres' store on (07) 3875 1700.

The fabric can be collected from the store in Salisbury, Brisbane if you want to save postage. Just let them know in the comments section.

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