Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Words for today...........Delicious and Exciting

......they cover it all!
There was a wonderful blue and white quilt hanging up on display, I did a double take........surely I had seen this quilt before???? in a book even already????
 Yes! we have been given a pre-owned Lee Cleland quilt!, circa 1992,  one that is pictured in her excellent book 'Quilting Makes the Quilt', it is Number 5 of the Single Wedding Ring design on Page 90, and as much as I have drooled over the wonderful quilting that Lee has done in her book, I gotta tell you girls, the quilt is on another plane altogether, it was such a thrill to actually be up close and touch such a wonderful quilt........oh and the Delicious bit about this quilt....(as if there wasn't enough already....) we have to make a decision on what to do with it!, Raffle it?, in house?, at the quilt show next year?, auction it? the only criteria we all agree on is that it has to go to a quilt lovers home.  A decision will be made, I'll let you know what the group decides to do.

Val presented another wonderful tessellation quilt workshop from the book of Tessellation Quilts by Christine Porter, another great book full in inspiring and wonderful quilts. Val had two examples to inspire us at last weeks meeting, one of which is the cute gold, purple and pink number in the pic below.

There were moments of intense concentration, lots of laughter, and the odd 'how the heck did I do that'??!!
 Looking forward to seeing some lovely finished quilts in the near future.........and the lassie with the mistake, well, the piccie has been compared to the book, not seeing any mistake.  You're just gonna have to fess up and kill the curiosity!

Sue made another bag for us, for our upcoming workshop,  this time showing a geometric pattern fabric, very Bollywood in colours - lush.  No background spaces needed with this fabric as is in the botanical fabric on the left.  Lots of choices for this wonderful bag workshop.
After a wonderful trip overseas, Lyn is back home with us.  Sheila presented her with her 3rd Prize Certificate and goodies bag for her winning entry in the Lyn Ballinger Challenge.
It didn't come as a surprise to Lyn, she spotted that she was a winner while in her Instanbul Hotel, catching up on e-mails and group news via the Blog.
And yes, just had to use such a wonderful quilt as backdrop.  

Sue needed to created a cushion for a friend, friend's colour choice and out of Sue's comfort zone.  Sue came up with this wonderful creation, vibrant, and fresh.
A closer view of some of the appliqued fabrics Sue has used.
Now more of the 'Delicious'.   Arvo Tea was just to to delicious, there was a chocolate mud cake and Catti had made us a Linzer Torte!, such warm spices flavouring the pastry and also the cutest little Palmiers.  Major Yummo folks............(hanging head in piggy embarrassment)....I ate 5...yep 5 of those palmiers and a slice of Linzer Torte.  The Darling wanted to know what was for dinner, Dinner??? had mine mate!  (Not to worry, fed him and he is happy   ;o)

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Joy said...

Ooooh, you really shouldn't take piccies of your delish arvo teas ... I can feel the pounds creeping on to my rear by simply looking at them ... yummm!!!
Love the quilt, what a stunner!!! And it looks like everyone's having a great time with their stiting (deep in concentration)- can't wait to see their creations :o).
Joy :o)

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