Thursday, September 30, 2010

'Forrest' step closer, and some interesting quilt stories.... go with some really beautiful quilts.
As some of you have noticed there has been a bit of a rash of the disappearing 9 patch quilts being created in our group, although a couple of quilts have not quite made it to the Show and Tell Table..........who would ever have thought those little suckers could look so wayward unless lined up just so!
Gwen wasn't at all happy with the way hers turned out, won't tell you how she described it.  While still grumbling thinking over her 9 patch, and looking in her various scrap bags for 2.5" strips, (for a totally different project) she found a pile of 2.5" squares........the immediate thought was, "Well maybe I can have a go at disappearing 9-patch using 2.5" squares - and this time get the layout right!"
Well, she did, she created this beauty.
And now the sad part of this story, Gwen has created many quilts in her quilting life, so for her to really love a particular quilt it must be a special one.  These 'leftover' fabrics were also used in her special quilt, a quilt that was sent on consignment to a store and was stolen from that store, at first it was thought that her quilt was simply misplaced, but no, never heard from again!  This little treasure was made from some of the leftover fabric that was used in the stolen quilt and as such holds a special place in Gwen's heart.

Gwen also had two other quilts for us today, the first was created from stitcheries she fell in love with at a quilt show, and thinking the new 'Great Grandchild To Be' just might be a lassie, she created this beautiful quilt.
Having finished the stitcheries, Gwen was going through her stash looking for some inspiration when 'out fell all these left over squares', Perfect!
Gwen's third quilt, a lovely 'bright pastel' in a cunning design, is another donation for Project Linus, one of the Charities that our group actively supports.

 When Lorraine mentioned that the Project Linus group had diversified, with the group now also using up a lovely large donation of wool and the local hospital requesting drainage bags for recovering breast surgery patients Catti was moved to create these two very pretty bags from soft fabrics for the patients.
 Guess what else Catti had stashed away?  her Show and Tell from the Needlework Group, these tiny ribbon embroidered flowers in a pretty green frame.

Beryl bought along this stunning quilt she made in a Judy Hooworth class back in 2002, the class members all made the same quilt design and layout, but with very different fabric choices, the resulting quilts were then displayed on stage at her then group's quilt show, creating a stunning display.
Beryl pieced a label for her quilt, and mentioned she might get around to 'finishing' the label with a little embroidery one day, but not one day soon.

We had both of our 'not quite finished yet' Quilt Show raffle quilts on display today.  With the 'International Year of Forests' theme, they are progressing nicely, Fiona has finished the quilting on Sue's creation with an edge to edge leafy design
The design shows nicely in the border, Julie has volunteered to bind the quilt so it will be finished soon.
The second raffle quilt is up to the flimsey stage, having been pieced together by Lorraine H.
The appliqued squares were made by various Cottage members 15 years ago in a Friendship swap and were recently donated to the group.

After some discussion it was decided to assemble the quilt to be one of our Quilt Show raffle quilts.  Sheila asked Lorraine to assemble the quilt with the brief that 'they be assembled on point and with a design that reflected our Show theme of  'International Year of Forests'.
Lorraine choose forest leaf prints for the random placed sashings to give the quilt a fresh and modern look, leaving the setting triangles clear for quilting motifs.
The border, which is machine pieced, was selected to reflect the design of the quilt blocks, with the lighter square appearing to be appliqued over the darker squares.

There are 2 more unnammed squares left over which could perhaps be made into cushions.  Lorraine I. is endeavouring to track down the creators of these 2 blocks.
The outside border fabric is from the Robert Kaufman 'Fusions range' and was purchased locally at Brian's so more could easily be purchased for cushions. 

Lorraine is moving to Tassie in a couple of weeks and as a parting gift to the group she very kindly donated the fabrics she used to make the applique blocks into such a stunning quilt.  Thank you Lorraine.

Lorraine was busily attaching the 1st. border onto her Hexagon quilt, but as we will not see it finished she gave us a sneak peek, pretty 30's fabrics for the flower petals and for a different take on an old favorite, Lorraine has used the background fabric for the center Hexagon.  Hope we get a piccie of the finished quilt...hint hint..

Judy thought the saying on the coffee cup was apt, it reads 'Life's Short, Eat Dessert First', lots of nods of agreement around the arvo tea table....of course, if there was a Grandie around it would be a different story, betcha! Snaffled myself a piece of the lemon coconut slice in the foreground, Yummo.....wouldn't mind the recipe for that little beauty!

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