Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jenny's Trunk Show

Yes, another month has rolled around and it's time for another Trunk Show from the Thursday Night Girls, this time it is Jenny's turn to astonish and astound with her many beautiful quilts, bears and cross stitcheries.
Be warned, the Trunk Show posts by their very nature are photo heavy but well worth the viewing.
Words and Pics bought to us courtesy of Debby with help from Letitia.  Thanks Debby and Letitia.

Jenny had lots of lovely art work which she has bought from people selling on the side of the road in South Africa.  The Zulu women raise money for Aids.
Bead work is done by Zimbabwe instead of Zulus.  Unfortunately the women don't make as many of the beautiful items today.
Jenny started quilting 25 years ago when fabrics and books were very scarce.  Her 1st quilt is in South Africa with her Mom.  Jenny loves paper piecing and hand quilts all of them except 2, and Jenny has made a lot of quilts.
This quilt is her 2nd quilt, there wasn't much fabric due to apartheid.

 Jenny made this star quilt on the machine.
 This quilt is paper pieced by hand, its very worn and has been very loved over the years.  It used to be very bright.

This quilt is a polyester scotty dog quilt made for her daughter

 Jenny created this quilt using the strip piecing method, standing rows of pastel flowers, all with lemon centers

A Kaffe Fasset quilt, foundation pieced, love the colours

 A birthday quilt made for Jenny by her friends for her 40th birthday, naive red hearts, surrounded by a log cabin variation.

 Jenny used Margaret Rolfe foundation piecing patterns to make this story quilt for her Son.

 Hand Pieced Hexies in a 'Grandmothers Flower Garden', Jenny has pieced this quilt since arriving in Australia.

Love this one, Jenny has collected lots of Doilys and made a doily and denim quilt.  Doilys are hand embroidered.

Jenny made this 'Nelson Mandela' quilt.  One of her friends in South Africa made some of the fabrics.

 Jenny has said that she actually likes the back better.

Another strip pieced quilt.

 An around the world variation quilt with the addition of a 'Pies and Tarts' border

 Jenny took a long time to finish this quilt as she didn't really like it.  It's a paper pieced kite scrappy quilt.

 This is gorgeous, another paper pieced pastel quilt with beautiful appliqué flowers.  Jenny loves paper piecing.

Jenny created this soft pastel quilt using elongated hexagons.

 Jenny made this suffolk puff quilt last year, it is sooo cute and her dog George just loves it.

 Another hexy quilt Jenny started last year after visiting the Ipswich quilt show, where she saw the worlds longest quilt.  Yes, they are 1/2" hexies done in reproduction fabrics.  Jenny is just finishing it off.  It is a wall hanging.

 This is a raffle quilt she made and was quilted by our quilting fairy, Fiona.

 Another quilt made for a class that Jenny teaches at the Angel.  The flowers have raw edges, looks great.

 Jenny loves making mini quilts for her laundry.

 This was Jenny's first crazy patch bag and this is what got her hooked on crazy.
 More of her crazy quilting, 4 patch, crazy bags, small crazy wall quilt used as a teaching tool.

Oh my gosh, Jenny also loves making these gorgeous tiny winny cute teddy bears.  How adorable!

This motor bike has been made out of wire, very clever.  Another piece of art work made by a very clever man and sold on the side of the road in South Africa.
  Thank you so much Jenny, your Trunk Show and Tell was enjoyed by all.  You are a very clever lady, thanks for sharing with us  :)

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Linda said...

I enjoyed seeing this really nice assortment of creative items! Even the quilts range in techniques, fabrics, and colors. Thanks for taking so many pictures so all of us could enjoy trunk show viewing!

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