Monday, August 29, 2011

Marlen's Trunk Show Part 2

A continuation of Marlene's wonderful quilts of which there are so many I've split the Trunk Show into two posts.

Marlene made this Lone star quilt at a Bli Bli retreat.                                                

A Ricky Tims workshop quilt.

Marlene made this signature quilt for her daughters 40th birthday

This is Marlene’s favourite quilt. It was a round robin - gorgeous poppies

Floral fabrics made into a pin wheel quilt.

A fun class when June showed us how to make a star quilt.

This was a Lyn Ballenger challenge a few years ago. "Buffalo" very cute.

This was a Mystery quilt organised by Penny a few years ago. This quilt has popped up a few times in our Trunk Show & Tells. Every month a new instruction & pattern was given. It was fun.

This is a fat 1/4 quilt with wide boarders.

Another round robin mystery quilt that Marlene did with her Bli Bli girls. The fabrics are Jenny Beyer Lots of dogs & more dogs.
 Yes another gorgeous Xmas runner with Santa’s & his reindeers. I think there are a few girls who would like to make this from the chatter
How sweet a little something from everyone in the family. A happy reminder at Xmas. A lovely idea Marlene.

Another of Junes inspiring classes making Hidden Wells

More Poppies, do you think Marlene likes poppies?

And there’s more... Letitia called this quilt the Opium field!

Look at these Bossy Stitchers I bet they get up to a bit of mischief!!! Every picture tells a story, doesn’t it girls!!

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jenny said...

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for posting Marlene's trunk show - I could not make it on the night - so I have been waiting patiently? for your post. It was well worth the wait!!

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