Monday, January 2, 2012

June's Trunk Show - Part 2

Finally, and in time for your Christmas Break enjoyment we have the second part of June's Trunk Show, courtesy of Debby and the Thursday night girls.

Two Stack and Slash quilts.
One an Attic Windows - love the colours
and the second, a Stack and Slash quilt with a difference.

Two special quilts for family members, first is one for June's great grandchild and the second is for June's daughter Joanne, for one of those big '0' birthdays that come along.

Pinwheel tessellations, made in a workshop.

Rabbits in Hearts, claimed by June's son for his own.

Two 'Red Hat Ladies' quilts, the first made for Junes Sister-in Law, again for one of those big'0' birthdays and the second one with June's layout variations.

This was a bring your money Thimbleberry Mystery Workshop at Foster N.S.W., where the organisers were presented you with a bag of fabric.

 June entered an Australia wide Phaff competion and although she didn't win she has a certificate hanging proudly in her sewing room.  We saw the pillow sham that goes with this gorgeous quilt in Part 1.

A 90's Double Irish Chain which June has hand quilted.  June did this at a workshop in Tassie.

Another two quilts June has done in workshops, the first a scrappy quilt done on point and the second a Spiders Webb.  June scattered applique roses amongst the spiders webs to go with the rose border.
Part 3 of June's Trunk Show will follow shortly....truly it will...

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