Friday, July 13, 2012

Elaine's Trunk Show

Elaine presented her trunk show to the Thursday night gals a little while back, Debby had organised for Jules to take and forward pics of Elaine's quilts, but a little bird had mentioned that Elaine did more than quilting....I was to learn just how much more...

A hand quilted panel that Elaine had framed for an exhibition.

Quilting is very much a 'new' crafting experience to Elaine, bought about in part by a comment from one of her crafting friends when Elaine was showing off some lovely embroidered squares and wondering just what she could possibly do with them, the friend commented that they should be made into a quilt.........fixing friend with a bit of a stare, Elaine commented 'I don't quilt'.....the friend passively responded, 'Yes, but your daughter does', and so began Elaine's journey into the world of quilting, guided by her daughter Libby - and what a wonderfully productive journey it is for this very talented lady.

Elaine created this lovely for her Grandaughter with help from Daughter Libby, using embroideries done while a member of her Bli Bli group.

A lovely story goes with this Sudoku quilt, Grandson Jason put in an order for a quilt just 2 weeks before his 21st. Birthday, Elaine told him there was no way she could make a quilt in 2 weeks, just wasn't going to happen! Imagine Jason's surprise on opening his present to find that yes, he did have a quilt. He was one delighted young man.

Elaine is also a rather prolific creator of bags, bags of all descriptions and for all uses including some with lovely creative embroidery such as the sunflowers on this tote.
 Some of the many pieces of Hardanger created by Elaine.
Black, White and Red Stack and Slash quilt created for Craig, another one of Elaine's grandsons.

Elaine came across these fabrics while on holiday 'out west', just perfect for teenager Blake's birthday quilt

Another quilt made with Daughter Libby, at Woombye Patchwork Shop before they relocated.

More of Elaine's Embroidery and Hardanger
  Elaine is also a prolific folk artist and tutor with a lovely large studio, this is just a tiny part of all the goodies on show in the studio.
Thank you Jules for the quilt pics.  More of Elaine's wonderful work will be posted in part 2.

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