Thursday, July 4, 2013

We have our 'Quilters Party Face' on

yep, everything is in readiness for our Quilt Show and Sale, we have even hung some rather interesting quilting inspired decorations throughout the trees and around the quiet corner at the front of the Cottage.
Inside the Cottage is a visual feast, I kid you not, this has got to be our best Quilt Show and Sale yet!
(what do you mean, prejudiced?, not me, this is a totally unbiased opinion.....  honest it is)

The gals have everything from traditional designed quilts to the totally whimsical such as the "Don't Waste a Thing' bag created by Lorraine, who saves and uses everything fabric related stating "Well I paid for it so I might as well use it"

including an amazing quilt from Leanne with its beautiful story of love and family that will bring a tear to your eye

There are some 'Baltimore' style quilts such as this lovely from Sue
an intricate but more traditional design from Helen

A beautifully hand appliqued wall hanging, inspired by a Richard Hoffman drawing created by Gwen.

A machine appliqued quilt from Marie that I was sure was needle turned, it is so neat.

and lastly, just a tinsie peek at some of the wonderful goodies on offer.
Do hope you can join us for this wonderful Show of beautiful quilts.

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