Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Looking forward to another year of fun...

...frolics, camaraderie, great quilts and (if Marie and Pat have their way) a few learning curves to boot.
To start us off, some pics of a beautiful doily quilt with a lovely story.

Marlene's daughter collected a number of her M.I.L's doilies, added a few others to the collection and then asked Marlene to make a quilt for said M.I.L as a special gift to help celebrate one of those milestone Birthdays, it was a very special celebration with family traveling from interstate to join in the fun.

While Marlene was chatting about the quilt and what quilting designs to use, one of our members, Judy, who also happens to be a very talented long arm quilter mentioned that she had never quilted a doily quilt before and wouldn't mind the challenge!!! Well, you can guess the rest, but I bet you didn't guess that Judy, after quilting quite a bit of the quilt decided that she didn't like the result, so she de-quilted it and started again! Now that's perfectionism.
So for a bit of quiltin' amazin' pop over to Furball Farm blog and just drool over Judy's latest quilting post, the most darling wall hanging 'Dolly Dress Ups', just don't forget to come back!

First meeting of the year was last week, sorry I missed it, but you won't, thanks to Lorraine who took some great pics to share with you.

Val, a 'Brisbane Lions' quilt
Val’s dh is an ardent (shouldn’t we say “rabid”) supporter of the Brisbane Lions. Val took the picture from their logo and made this knee rug. It is avidly shown around when fellow supporters, or not, as the case may be, come to visit. It is raw edge appliqué.

Pat - "What Colour is an Elephant" by Jenny Kingwell
Pat made this gorgeous baby quilt from a pattern in Quilter Companion – with a few changes from the original.
The quilt is made for Pat’s daughter-in-law’s friend. If that is a mouthful to read imagine what it was like to write it. The friend lives in Melbourne and is due to have her first baby on 13 Feb.  D-I-L asked Pat to make her something special.
 More on raw edge applique from Val

Following on from the Lion Val remembered that about 6 years ago Lorraine Carthew came to Buderim and did a workshop on raw edge appliqué. Like most of us the workshop item wasn’t finished but Val got it out and completed the fish.

 Lucky Needlework Gals to get a workshop from Val
No, not this wallhanging, although Val did think it was a goer but then decided to create another, more complicated design, lots of over and under pieces.  Sadly no pic, supposed to be there but not showing up.  Will try and get another for you. The Kimonos are cute but aren't they.

And so on to this weeks Show and Tell:
More from Val,  now this gal is prolific, so I took my courage in hand and asked the rude? question, just how long did it take to make that quilt Val?
guess...just guess how long it too to make this quilt.
2 mornings - I kid you not! Zoom is a word that sprang to mind.
Don't you just love the pieced backing?
Val is going to give our group a quick demo on the assembly of this quilt, super easy with only two points that the seams have to line up. A little different and just perfect for a Charity Quilt.

Again from Val
Val was gifted a stack of Moda 5" charm squares, She designed this lovely, which if you are early you will catch a glimpse of and possibly be the lucky purchaser of at our 2014 Easter Fair on 19th April.

 Beautifully worked appliqued flowers interspersing the charm squares.
 Val machine quilted a lovely trailing hearts design around the borders. Click on the pic for a bigger version to see the stitching.

The Judging for our Annual Lyn Ballinger Challenge is coming up fast, scarily fast.  The theme this year is 'Circle of Communication' with the challenge to make a bag/pouch/sleeve to hold a handheld electronic communication device.
Lorraine I. ran up a few ideas (you like that? ran up?) over the Christmas Break, the circles on the pink folder are pretty self explanatory with the buttons.  the Circular shoulder bag has a handy little pouch to slip your mobile into.
A rather novel chenille circle closure on the little green pouch while the blue pouch is adorned with a more traditional elasticised loop and button closure and the black I-pad cover.....well, I'm guessing it is for Lorraine's darling, what with the letter G and all, and those loop and button closures, - got 'guy' written all over them.
UPDATE-e-mail just popped up from Lainey...."On/Off switch to complete the 'Circle of Communication' of course"   -  clever or what?

Now have you ever been involved in giving back to the community?, as is in, you know what has been proposed, you know it happened, 'cause you got to read the 'thank you' note, but you never really saw the result, in the flesh - so to speak - well our group provide the funds for this really great sunshade for one of our local Nippers groups (Nippers, as in Junior Life Savers ) so just imagine the excitement when Sheila, trundling along the beach with the Grandies spotted the latest Surf Carnival featuring out little donation. Talk about make your heart proud, or as someone else said "make your eyes stand out on sticks"
 It's what we love to do, support the community where we live.

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