Sunday, March 2, 2014

Scottie Dog Softie Workshop

Heads Down for our first workshop of the year, creating cute little scottie dog softies.
Marie found the pattern as a freebie on the net and was rather taken by just how cute this little fellow looks and how simple it is to personalise his look. 
Marie whipped up two variations to show us, this guy with his ric rac trimmed orange neckerchief is using 2.5" squares with felt eyes.

This cute little guy, also using felt for his eyes, with a lovely tartan bow is more 2 dimensional , using 1.5" squares, he is just about 7" high, no gusset, with a front and a back stitched together, turned, softly stuffed and stitched closed.  Just perfect for a new babe.

Story goes that the original pattern was a freebie way back, possibly in the 1940's in an American ladies magazine.  Apparently there are squillions, well lots, that surface in garage sales and antique sales across the states. Sheila reckons she has an Aussie magazine original pattern from the 1960's, so who knows, maybe we will start another wave of creating these cuties.
By the end of the afternoon, great progress had been made, 
Courtney was snapped at the beginning of the workshop, planning her colour layout.
Sheila went for a predominance of bright primary colours  for her scottie.

Wendy went for a checkerboard effect with dots and plain red
While Janice's choices were more country in flavour.

Just love the black and white zig zags in this one, gives it a modern slant.
Of course, that super swift stitcher Lorraine had finished the assembly and just about completely stuffed her dog by the end of day.

Can't wait to see the finished doggies, which ones will be girls and which ones guys? and will there be a unisex doggie? you know, one with a changeable look, such as a bow for girly days and maybe a studded collar for the more macho moods.
The possibilities are endless
If you feel the need to make one of these cuties, pop over to Denyse Schmidt's site for a PDF pattern and directions.  I think Denyse suggests 2.25" squares and we used 2.5" squares.
Thank you Marie for the class and the great pics.

On the charity quilt front, progress is moving along with Gwen having stitched these blocks from her scrappy stash and Val quilting them together.
The use of burgundy for the sashing gives another look to this ever so versatile Q.A.Y.G.

Next workshop, which is next week (no sitting on hands for us) is the Jelly Roll Race!!
Remember, it has to be a complete Jelly Roll of 40 x 42" strips to be in the competition.
The winner, that is the gal who stitches her Jelly Roll into a quilt flimsy first will win either a lovely box of choccies or a couple of fatties.
No Jelly Roll? well take a leaf out of Lorraine's book and cut yourself 40 x W.O.F. strips in colours that you love/like//hate/ think will go together in a quilt top.
If however, you have a Honey Bun, or other roll, bring it along, join the fun, there will be a prize for those who finish but don't use a Jelly Roll.
Yeah, we know, were softies at heart, not to mention lovers of all things choccie.  Well maybe not all things choccie, not ever gonna try one of those chocolate coated way, no how!!! yetch!!

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